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Feb 20, 2011 01:45 PM

Craigie's "Road Less Traveled" Menu

So I've been contemplating eschewing my vegetarian ways but haven't really found the inspiration to do so. I think I've just found it. Might as well start with a bang, yes?

I'm particularly psyched about the Green Olive Stracetti Pasta with Burgundy snail ragout.

Who's already got their reservations, and what are you most excited to try?

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  1. We have reservations too. I have a feeling my wife and I are going to fight over who gets the Lamb Four Ways.

    1. wow. that sounds delicious

      1. Man, I'd like to go to this. Pity the DC is out of town.

        1. Wow. I almost want to reschedule my vacation so that I can attend this! But the allure of going somewhere warm is ever-so-slightly stronger.

          1. Just as a cautionary note from a former vegetarian: depending on how long you've been doing an all-veggie diet, you might not want to dive right back in to eating a 5-course offal meal. After a few years, your body needs a bit of time to remember how to digest this stuff :)