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Craigie's "Road Less Traveled" Menu

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So I've been contemplating eschewing my vegetarian ways but haven't really found the inspiration to do so. I think I've just found it. Might as well start with a bang, yes?

I'm particularly psyched about the Green Olive Stracetti Pasta with Burgundy snail ragout.

Who's already got their reservations, and what are you most excited to try?

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  1. We have reservations too. I have a feeling my wife and I are going to fight over who gets the Lamb Four Ways.

    1. wow. that sounds delicious

      1. Man, I'd like to go to this. Pity the DC is out of town.

        1. Wow. I almost want to reschedule my vacation so that I can attend this! But the allure of going somewhere warm is ever-so-slightly stronger.

          1. Just as a cautionary note from a former vegetarian: depending on how long you've been doing an all-veggie diet, you might not want to dive right back in to eating a 5-course offal meal. After a few years, your body needs a bit of time to remember how to digest this stuff :)

            1. I think if you're going off the vegetarian reservation, a Craigie offal dinner is a pretty classy way to do it. But as Boston_Otter points out, your lower GI tract may not thank you for it the next day or two.


              1. This was last night and it was outstanding.

                Some highlights:
                - Crostini with lobster tomalley as part of the amuse-bouche: oceany and earthy.
                - Pig foot croquette - rich inside, crispy outside.
                - Stracetti pasta with snail and pig kidney ragout - funky tasting in a really interesting way.
                - Lamb four ways (neck, sweetbreads, brain, heart sausage) with crispy quinoa and beet & pomegranate jus - incredibly tasty, with a great crunch from the quinoa. The brains were amazing - like sweetbreads squared, delicious and unctuous.
                - Azuki bean and pandan mochi with matcha glaze accompanied by sake milk punch - lots of interesting unexpected flavors for dessert.

                They said they'll be doing another one in the summer, which will be a little less meat-focused. We'll be back.

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                  I'm glad it was a success and bummed we missed it. I got the e-mail and then dropped the ball (had to work anyway.) I love offal but I go nearly all veg in the summer.

                  I've been wanting to get in for their Chef's Whim Sunday nights-- anyone know if offal is frequent on Maws' whim menus?

                2. I was lucky enough to go last night with a buddy of mine. We're both CoM fans, and were looking forward to the meat-heavy off-the-map menu.

                  What we got (between the two of us):
                  Amuse: Three Crostini: cod milt brandade, monkfish liver pate, lobster tomalley

                  First Course: Duck Consommé
                  duck tongue confit, testicles, foie gras-stuffed neck, grilled heart skewer
                  Crispy Pig Foot Croquette
                  sunny side up duck egg, lentil salad

                  Entrees: Elysian Fields Lamb Four Ways: Neck, Sweetbreads, Brains, and Heart Sausage
                  crispy quinoa, beet and pomegranate jus
                  Local Beef Two Ways: Braised Cheek, Grilled Tongue Confit
                  cardoon and marrow gratin, oxtail and roasted barley jus

                  Dessert: Azuki Bean and Pandan Mochi,
                  matcha glaze, black sugar ice cream
                  Alfajore Ice Cream Sandwich
                  tonka bean and chia seed sable, dulce de leche ice cream, yerba mate

                  To start with what I wasn't a fan of, it mostly centered around the beef cheeks. I had no expectations over any of the dishes, but this one had an oddly astringent after taste (it was the only thing throughout the meal that I did not finish). The pig foot was perfectly cooked and moist, and mixed with the egg, it had the perfect richness and depth of flavor with which I was hoping. For the dessert, I had the Azuki Bean Mochi, which was 'interesting' to say the least. There was some strong sesami gastriche (sp) on the plate, which was almost too strong by itself. But once you mixed it in with the rest of the dish, and had a sip of the sake punch included, it all made sense. The strength of the sesame coupled with the sweetness of the sake was pure balancing genius.

                  Portions were sized appropriately, and service was attentive but not overbearing, as all my other CoM meals have been.