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Feb 20, 2011 01:21 PM

what do i do with overdone rice?

Don't know how it happened (ok, I do know and it involves several small children and guests milling around) but I have 3 cups of overdone rice.
Is there anything I can make with it or do I compost it?


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  1. My first thoughts were rice pudding and arancini (rice balls stuffed with mozzarella cheese, breaded and fried - a southern Italian thing).

    1. Is it burned, or just too dry?
      If the latter, steam it in a sieve or steamer, or divvy it up to freeze, then add it to finished soups. Make rice pudding with it.
      Use it in a stir-fry, adding some extra water or broth to re-fluff it.

      1. jook, congree, rice pancakes, mixted with eggs and mushrooms, etc and scrambled for breakfast, idea abound I love rice

        1. Puree in a vegetable soup- I love basmati cooked down and pureed in carrot soup. Plain rice gives body to any creamy vegetable or even chicken or beef broth/stock bases soupor stew.

          1. What does overdone mean? Do you mean it is overheated and it is dry? Or do you mean too much water is added and it is soggy? If it is on the drier side, you can use it for fried rice. If it is too wet, you can make Asian congee or any rice soup (like chicken rice soup):