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Feb 20, 2011 01:13 PM

Shake it up - your snazziest, tastiest shrimp salad?

I have a wonderful, perfectly ripe avocado waiting to be stuffed with deliciousness - namely, shrimp salad.

Now, the way I usually make shrimp salad is by combining the poached shrimp (chopped up or at least cut into smaller pieces) with some mayo, lemon juice, paprika, some herb depending on what I have on hand, s&p. That's it. Sometimes, when I feel like some heat, I'll add sriracha. Tasty, sure... but nothing really exciting.

I'd love to hear how you hounds like to jazz up your shrimp salad - without totally covering up the shrimp flavor. I'm open to non-mayo salads, too, tho creaminess would be good.

I am more interested in flavorings than ingredients - I don't want to add diced peppers, or celery, or the like (if that makes any sense).

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  1. Not snazzy, but I use a little tangy yogurt and a dash of curry powder. It calls up both shrimp curry and a simple lemonyness , which I like with shrimp. Excellent with avocado. I keep the shrimp in big pieces and dress very lightly. some scallion on top.

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    1. A little lime zest and juice to season mayo to taste, including white pepper, fold in shrimp and melon balls or cubed ripe papaya. Cool, refreshing, and beautiful. Garnish with cilantro.

      1. Worcestershire.
        Preserved Lemon.

        1. I make mine like you except I do add a little diced celery as I think it makes a huge different oh and I only use Hellmans or Dukes Mayo

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            Yep, Duke's is a given. And I may end up adding celery in the end - if only for the extra crunch.

            I am a bit surprised at how few "out there" suggestions I've gotten, but maybe folks just don't want to mess with a simple thing....

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              If you can go so far as to consider adding some celery at the end, perhaps you'd consider some pineapple? I think that would be awesome with the curry.

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                Ooooh.... no way. Sorry. I can only abide pineapple in very few dishes. And the man would kill me, too '-)

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                I just saw another post asking for advice using harissa. How about a harissa shrimp salad in avocado? Sounds good to me!

            2. We jazz up our tasty fresh shrimp salad by serving it inside a pre-baked, hollowed out, quick fried Yukon gold potato. The creamy/crunchy texture of the shrimp salad inside the crispy, moist tater is killer good.

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                To the mayo I typically add teriyaki sauce and lemon juice. Another subtle flavor would be celery salt.