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Feb 20, 2011 12:52 PM

Need a Charshu recipe

Been searching for a good charshu recipe online. Can't find anything. The good one I did find was more of a chinese style so it used star anise etc. and I prefer the more shoyu flavored saltiness of the Japanese style charshu used in ramen.

So if anyone knows of a charshu recipe that preferably uses shoulder instead of belly(but ill take anything if its good). The recipe, if its online, can be in either Japanese or English.


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  1. guess people only eat and no one cooks here :-D

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    1. re: theFuj46

      Suggest posting your query on Home Cooking. This board is more about restaurant dining. But if you can read Japanese, better to search on Japanese cooking resources.

    2. Search for chashu (Japanese)
      Char Siu (Chinese)

      1. This is the best char sui recipe I've ever used. From the Golden Dragon Restaurant in Honolulu.
        Suppose you could leave out the 5 spice.

          1. which recipe was the best for you?

            I haven't tried either of these because it's too convenient to just purchase char siu in San Francisco.
            These are yakibuta and nibuta recipes: