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Feb 20, 2011 11:58 AM

How does Easter holiday affect restaurants/ menus in Paris

We will be in Paris over the Easter weekend. Do Michelin starred restaurants close for holidays? Do these same restaurants change their menus for holidays such as Easter?

Also, any recommendations for great bouillabaisse in Paris? Raw bars for oysters?

Thank you.

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  1. "Easter weekend. Do Michelin starred restaurants close for holidays? Do these same restaurants change their menus for holidays such as Easter?"

    Most if not all starred restos and better restaurants are closed Saturday and Sunday.
    Most have a short menu that changes about weekly depending on what's fresh on the market.
    A typical easter feast would have lamb, especially pré-salé.
    You have to inquire with the restaurants you are interested in

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      ...also many restaurants will close for a public holiday, the best way to find out if they are open is to try and book them as there is no precise source of information. If a restaurant is open it will have its normal menu in operation, some may be more Easter focussed but most will be seasonal. I don't believe any open with cut back menus.

    2. be very wary of dishes that are specialties of other regions in France, because they really don't travel all that well.

      While there are places to get good bouillabaisse in Paris (I'm not a huge fan of it, so don't have a recommendation to hand), the best bouillabaisse is in Marseille...just like the best cassoulet is in the Southwest...the best choucroute is in Strasbourg, etc., etc.,'s one of the culinary quirks of France that is concurrently maddening and endearing.

      1. Le Dôme Montparnasse in the 14th is supposedly open 7 days/week, but you'd have to check to see if they'll be open on Easter Sunday ( my guess is yes). You could enjoy your bouillabaisse (for 2) as well as oysters. Or for oysters & only oysters, check out Huitrerie Régis in the 6th - very small, no reservations, but call them as well to find out their Easter schedule.

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          How does Le Dome compare to Le Devillec?

          1. re: gjrubino

            Divellec, not Devillec, in its hayday in the 90s had dreamy seafood. But even with its very admittedly professional and efficient service, the ambiance was very grim. One feels as though one were dining in a monastery among Trappists.
            People don't go any more, not since the 21st century. I was surprised several months ago to learn that it was still around. It's like learning that certain rock stars are still alive.
            Which Dome are you talking about? The bistro in Montparnasse? That would be comparing apples and nineties oranges (block that metaphor).

            1. re: Parigi

              Nineties orange or not, Le Divellec is the best fish restaurant in town. Extremely comfortable and expensive, but just the best. Quite frankly, the idea of having the best fish, perfectly cooked and seasoned, is nineties in and of itself.

              1. re: souphie

                Although I do find soupe de poissons on the (website) menu at le Divellec, I don't see bouillabaisse, which is what the OP is looking for. Did I miss it, or do they offer it as a special?

                1. re: boredough

                  Not that I'm aware. It does not look like Divellec's style. I was just responding in the abstract. No idea where to get a decent bouillabaisse in Paris.

                  1. re: boredough

                    Le Peti Nicois has it as a supplement of 13 Euros to their regular prix-fixe menu. I haven't heard any one with kindly words about the place in years. Yet it is still open. So maybe, just maybe....
                    Souphie is right about Divellec; but bring a spare credit card just in case.

          2. Well, do any other chowhounder scare to weigh in on the the Le Dôme Montparnasse vs Divellec controversy stirred up below? Is Divellec a relic of the past?