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Feb 20, 2011 11:27 AM

Brick Lane / Whitechapel curry recommendations - looking for Bhatura

Hi there Hounds
Looking for any recommendations for curry houses in this area that include Bhatura bread on the menu? I've only come across it before at The Brilliant in Southall but long to have it again and since we will be in this area soon it seemed a good opportunity to try and have it again? (Deeeelicious if incredibly calorific fried puffy bread.)

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  1. Hey there,

    Brick Lane's really not the spot for bhatura and similar stuff. I'm pretty sure that one of the chaat and sweet places on High Street North has it listed. In general, I'm sure you can find it on High Street North or definitely on Green St. Green St has a properly Gujju place that definitely does it.

    Whitechapel's totally Bangladeshi. Dried fish, yes. Bhatura, harder to find. I'm trying to think of a dual purpose snack shop mishti shop in the area that would have it, but nothing's coming to mind.

    Gram Bangla is very good though! And Needoo! No chole bhatura though.

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      actually, chole/channa bhatura is classically punjabi. never seen it in central london, but if you want to hunt for it, try the punjabi places in southall.

      1. re: howler

        Oddly, the one place I have found it in Central London is Sagar - the branch on Percy St, but I think it's the same menu at all their branches anyway. I say odd, as this place is predominantly South India.

      2. re: JFores

        Most places along Kingsbury Rd/Ealing Rd in Wembley would serve this, unfortunately haven't sampled anything there for years to give a specific rec, but definitely woth exploring, as well as Southall.

        I wouldnt think mithai shops are the best bet though, they tend to combine farshan, drier, (mainly gujarati) savoury stuff with mithai.

      3. Chennai Dosa is a small chain of South Indian restaurants across London and beyond that serves Channa Bhutura. They don't seem to have a website, but here is a google result for them

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          how weird, they used to have a website! yep good shout - there 3 on high st north, one in west croydon, one in tooting and one round the corner from wembley central not sure where else you can find one but they do have other branches.

          they do giant bhaturas as well for families.

            1. re: Kake

              if you won't eat dosas from punjabi restuarnats, should you be ordering channa bhaturas from south indian ones?

              just asking like.