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Feb 20, 2011 09:32 AM

Campbell's Low Sodium Soup -- Not for Me !

I thought I would share the research I have done on the new changes for Campbell's soups.

Their website says ;; they have reduced the salt in the soups and are using sea salt to give get the favour back....

This is just part of it !

What they don't tell you ! They are now adding SENOMYX additives made in San Diego California to bring out the flavours without salt.. Because the additive levels are low they do not have to list these chemicals on the labels that are added to your food... google it yourself. Wikipedia is a good starting point about SENOMYX additives..

As for myself and my family I try to stay away from these complicated chemicals that our bodies don't know how to breakdown..

Are these the type of additives that cause North America people to have the highest cancer rates in the world??

I think I will pass on products that add these chemicals and eat less. Too bad Campbell's do not give you a choice on additives..

Hope this helps those that want to eat healthy !


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  1. Update,

    Less than two weeks ago this was reported

    That Campbell's Soup has severed its ties with Senomyx !

    I will try to comfirm if this is true. Would love to learn more from anyone in the group.

    Please let me know if you find this useful.