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Feb 20, 2011 09:20 AM

need recipe for middle eastern lentil/spinach soup, Adas Bel-Sabanekh

My favorite middle eastern restaurant is closing and I am searching for a recipe for their soup called "Adas Bel-Sabanekh." I believe it is lentils, spinach, broth, spices, topped with fresh cilantro. I know there is also fresh lemon, although that may be added at the end. I believe the owners of the restaurant are Lebanese.

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  1. sophia, I've had awfully good luck just calling restaurants to ask them for their recipes. Frequently they're willing to give ingredients, but not exact proportions, but that should be enough to wing it a few times until you come up with the correct version. However, since the resto's closing they might be a little more open to just giving you the whole recipe. It's totally worth a try. And it is a great compliment to them.

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      +1, and if you get it, please post it.