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Feb 20, 2011 09:07 AM

Paco's Tacos---Muy GOOD!

We headed out to get breakfast tacos at The Tamale House on Airport, my son in from Houston insisted. I myself am a fan of Mi Victoria but the kid said Tamale House so who was I to deprive him. We had to maneuver around the Livestrong Marathon and when we finally made it there, they were closed on Sundays! Turned out to be a great day for us. I remembered seeing Paco's Tacos on 51st street, across from Mueller airport (or what use to be Mueller airport) so we headed that way. The place is a nice dump, and the lady taking your orders was a princess. We all ordered our usual, egg, bacon cheese for the 3 men and egg and guacamole for my wife. The coffee was delicious and refills were free while we waited. We had no trouble getting a table at 10 in the morning. When our food was ready the princess brought them to the table with a mound of red sauce and what she called their "famous" green sauce. I was dubious of the green stuff, but one taste proved her right. Delicious must be synonomous with famous. The breakfast tacos were perfect. They were hot, overstuffed, and, well---perfect. The green sauce mixed with the red sauce made them, well---perfectly delicious! Even my wife couldn't stop saying how good they were. Its now noon and I had to share this with my friends on Chow. I still have that glow in my mouth and I'm thinking seriously of heading back over there for a nooner. Try them, your mouth will thank me and your stomach will thank you.

Tamale House
5003 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78751

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  1. They've been running half-off coupons for nearly a year through the various TheLunchDeal/Groupon type places. At least 4 times now. The one through TheLunchDeal was free. Half off up to $16 I think. I still have one or two but never get over that way.

    1. I like the breakfast tacos at Paco's and noticed they are now open for lunch and dinner. The only thing that worries me is the location. They only have one entrance in and out of the parking lot and it happens to open out onto 51st street right at a light. If the light is red and traffic has backed up by more than 2 car lengths, you are stuck. The large stone wall that acts as a privacy fence and sound buffer also unfortunately makes it easy to pass the place by. Not to mention that there is no way to tell if the place is hopping, which isn't as important for people who have already been, but is definitely important for impulse customers who have never been to it and might consider trying some place new. I'm not knocking the place or the food by any means. I really want the place to succeed ad I like it a lot, but I can't deny that there are some geographical issues with the place that might make it tougher for them, which is a shame.

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      1. re: Homero

        Agreed- it can be a challenge. If you are trying to get into the parking lot, you cannot tell if it is already full and may encounter another unsuccessful vehicle trying to exit. At any rate, to paraphrase W. Burroughs, if the food is good I'd crawl through a sewer to buy. I had lunch there last week and it was very tasty. I initially thought it was a bit pricey for tacos, but that concern was assuaged when they brought out the overstuffed delights. The green sauce that I had was thick and unusual (I think that they have two varieties of green).

        1. re: Oyster Boy

          True enough Oyster Boy. If the food is good, and it is, folks will make the effort to go.

      2. I assume by "perfect" you mean that includes homemade tortillas cause they ain't perfect if they ain't homemade.