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Feb 20, 2011 08:40 AM

Any ideas for large groups in/around Hartford?

Trying to help out a friend who's bringing a bus trip to a show at the Bushnell and is looking for a restaurant nearby that could handle a large group (between 40 and 50) if given sufficient notice. I'm not familiar with the downtown dining scene, so I can't help. Anyone have any ideas??

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  1. It's a large cavernous place with a huge parking lot. It's right niext to A Dong, a huge Asian grocery store. It's specialty is Pho--a Vietnamese soup. But there are a lot of other Vietnamese items on the menu. It's not too far from the Bushnell.

    Pho Boston Restaurant
    144 Shield St, West Hartford, CT 06110

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      This place has good pho, if your group were into that, but it's nowhere near downtown Hartford.

    2. try city steam on main street. they have several rooms and is about one mile from the Bushnell.

      1. In West Hartford, 2 min. off I-84

        On the Htfd/W. Htfd line in Elizabeth Park w/ beautiful rose garden

        5 min. walk to Bushnell

        East Hartford

        2 min. drive to Bushnell, great food

        1. Here are a few more possibiliites

          Costa Del Sol is minutes away on Franklin Ave. and has a room that would accomodate a group your size. Pepe is a great guy and although we have not done a large party there, we have been to one and it was great.

          O'Porto also has something similar and is also close by on Park St. We did both a large and small event at O'Porto and were very pleased with the food, service, and price.

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              There is a place in Hartford called the Chowder Pot , which is just off of Rt. 15 and 91 Which with a little notice I'm sure could handle your crowd.

          1. Vito's by the Park is just across Bushnell Park from the theater (maybe a few hundred yards). They will cater to groups. I haven't been in a while, but last I was there the food was really good. Check out
            Good luck!