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Feb 20, 2011 08:05 AM

Truck thoughts: Not Your Mama's; 3 Little Pigs; Honcho's

I've been to a few food trucks recently that seem to have few if any reviews here on CH. Please share your thoughts on these places:

Not Your Mama's Food Truck stationed on E. Cesar Chavez near Juan in a Million. The owner is a charismatic guy with a penchant for loud music. The food is as gutsy as the music. Double Fried Korean-style chicken was excellent (came on a slider or as main). The beef tongue sliders were also really solid, very caramelized and crispy and delicious. The menu is not vast but it is different and good.

Honcho's is in the same trailer park as Not Your Mama's. I think I have the name right but I'm terrible with spelling and I can't find it via searches--I looked at yelp and austin food cars, but no dice. It is an unassuming place with a very pedestrian sounding menu of burgers, nachos, etc. If you didn't know any better you'd assume this is a place run by the Sappy Sacks guys with a boring menu.

I was merely looking at the menu on my way to Not Your Mama's when they offered me a burger, fries and Coke for $5. Who can pass that up? The burger is quite good here. I'm normally a thick, gourmet burger guy, and this is more of a thin-patty style but the seasoning was excellent, but the bun was fresh (probably not homemade). Think excellent Whataburger style burger. Alas, the fries were limp fellas and not recommended. I mentioned how I impressed I was to the Not Your Mama's owner and he said he likes their food also and that they make homemade tortilla chips for their nachos. I look forward to return to this park to eat at both places.

Three Little Pigs is a newish trailer run by Raymond Tatum on E. 12th pretty much across the street from the Old Gene's behind East Side Wine. I know Tatum has gotten much respect on this board, but he's new to me. The menu here is focused on pork. We sampled roast pork with green curry noodles (quite good), cracklin meatloaf (good but not as good as it could have been as I want crunchy pork bits), asian fried chicken (not as good as Not Your Mama's), and a lamb sausage slider (pretty good). All in all the food was quite good but not over the top amazing. Still, very pleasant and we'll be back.

Anyone been to these places? Care to share any thoughts?

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    3/4ths of the way down is a review of Day One/Soft Opening of Three Little Pigs.

    Thanks for the rec on Not Your Mama's Carter B. I'm always looking for a new spot for fried chicken.

    Red Cap Chick's closure left a big hole in Austin's Korean Fried Chicken scene.

    Raymond's is good but I wish he'd offer a really spicy version as an option.

    Red Cap Chick
    2510 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

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      Mick Vann wrote a piece about Raymond Tatum and his new nose to tail cart in the parking lot of East End Wines

      We went by and ran the table for 28 bucks.

      My favorite was the Thai green curry noodle

      My friend lost it over the Pork Belly w/Maple soy reduction

      Bacon crowned cracklin meatloaf over grits and collards made a fine dessert

      For a mid we had the Korean fried chicken w/sweet chile glaze

      I've been craving some Korean fried chicken and Tatum's really hit the spot

      He mentioned he's using Niman Ranch as a provider too

      His menu changes daily, I think you can view it here

      Went by Not Your Mama's but had the misfortune of not going during their hours

      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        Tried the pork belly slider at 3 Little Pigs last night. A bit heavy on the FRIED side for my taste. And the french fries that accompanied were limp/undercooked. Still hopeful that the rest of menu will deliver.

    2. That other place is called "Head Hancho's". That is not a misspelling. Well, it seems to be, but that's the way they spell it. They used to be next to El Aguacate market a few blocks west of their current location.

      I'm definitely going to swing by and try the fried chicken at Not Your Mama's. Thanks for the tip!

      1. I'm really bummed I never made it to Not Your Mama's. Looks like they just closed.