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Feb 20, 2011 07:29 AM

cute canning jars in LA East or Pasadena?

Due to the abundance of Meyer lemons and all kinds of other tasty things this year, I'm going to try my hand at canning and making homemade marmalade and such. I've seen some really cool jars online, like the european style ones, but the only ones I've seen in the stores are the standard, fairly large plain ones. I'd order online, but the shipping charges are more than the jars. Anyone know where I could score some here in town?

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  1. try sur la table. i bought some of the ones with detachable metal clamps a while back--not sure they still carry them, but worth a try. they weren't as expensive as i expected them to be, considering the source.

    1. Sur La Table has them as stated and I also picked some up at IKEA last month. They were exactly the same price. The one with metal clamps and removable rubber bands.