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Feb 20, 2011 07:06 AM

Stratford, CT- goodbye Assagio, 12 hours later- hello, Bossa Nova Churrascaria

In what seems to be a cursed location at the marina in the Dock Plaza, Bossa Nova opened Friday (I never knew Assagio closed). Anybody been yet?

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  1. I had heard that a change was in the works, but didn't think it would happen for awhile, given the "demolition" going on at the site. I was shocked this morning to drive by the entrance to the dock and not only seen the sign for the restaurant, but the "NOW OPEN" beneath it! The entrance is blocked by a dumpster and broken down palates, and the sign is removed from the front of the restaurant. I can't see how they're actually serving patrons yet!

    1. That was fast.

      If the menu at this new place isn't as exorbitant as Assagio's was perhaps a restaurant in that locale of doom can succeed.

      1. Stopped by today- not to eat, just to take a peek atthe menu/prices- but despite what the sign on the road says, it is not open. Guys working inside said they were trying to get it open this week, or ASAP. Will report back when I do go- I'm a big fan of churrascaria.

        1. Has anyone been since this posting?? Churrascaria denotes Brazilian food...and I love me some of that. Look forward to hearing back about this one.

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            Tried to go for lunch Wed, but it was still in progress... dumpsters are gone and the outside had been cleaned today, so that is a good sign... hopefully soon, very soon!

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              Very Disappointed. My wife and I were very fond of the former menu as Assaigo and would often find ourselves there during the week as well as weekends. We also Loved Assiago's ambience. In its new form as a Churrascaria, we would probably never go for such a heavy meal during the week but we set out last Saturday night to give it a try. We Love good Churrascaria and have been to Fogo De Chao and Texas to Brazil.

              Sorry, CTHungry, but Bossa Nova just doesn't measure up - on all fronts. Upon entry, the newly remodelled space is small and not very appealing. It is almost reminicent of a cafeteria, especially when the staff rework tables around you like transformers to accomodate larger parties.

              We found the salad bar very under-welming - much of the food was not labelled so you didn't know what you were eating and what was there was only fair. I left most of it on my plate. So we still had hope for the variety and flavor of the meat - unfortunately, those disappointed too. Filet and Turkey wrapped in bacon were way overdone, the chicken was ok but not much flavor, and the ribs were a bit fatty. The skirt steak, lamb, and sausages were probably the best part of the meal, but it wasn't enough to carry the night.

              The final 'nail in the coffin' was when the bill came and I learned that the desserts were not included in the 'pay one price' but they don't tell you. We did enjoy the flan but probably would not have chosen to try some of the other things had we known it was ala carte.

              Too bad, but I don't see Bossa Nova lasting. The entire premise of the new place limits the client base (and appeal) but they don't seem to do it well either. Can I put my vote in to bring back Assiago's?

            2. My wife and I went to Bossa Nova tonight. It is a traditional churascaria where they bring meat to your table (rodizio). The salad bar/buffet was excellent. The meat was not my favorite part of the night. My wife and I prefer churasco well done and maybe they were too busy to be able to let the meat cook longer. They just opened so they may not have everything worked out yet. I had to wait a long time, more than 20 minutes to get a second piece of picanha 'top sirloin'. The sausage and turkey wrapped in bacon was very good. The dessert we had was excellent - pudim with coconut.

              I think they have everything they need to make this work, but opening weekend may have had some rough spots. The staff was friendly and attentive. I would give them another chance, but even though I think $39 is a reasonable price to pay per person for a churascaria, I just don't think I am a big enough eater to make the ‘all you can eat’ aspect worth it compared to a ‘normal’ filet mignon dinner at a regular steak house. They added on an 18% gratuity, even for our table of two.

              If you like this style of food and are a big eater, I would say give it a try.