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Feb 20, 2011 06:44 AM

ISO smoked turkey leg

You know, the kind one you find at theme parks/Renaissance Fairs/Medieval Times, just perhaps smaller? I want to make a black bean soup in my slow cooker and use a turkey leg for protein and flavor. No luck at IGA, but I haven't tried my local butcher's or any other grocery chains.

Special snowflake detail: Suggestions for possible success are needed to be in the Townships area only. That's great to hear about Jean-Talon and Atwater--which I do hit a few times a month--but I am looking something near me.

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  1. A good substitute is smoked ham hocks. Do you guys have smoked ham hocks in these parts?

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    1. re: Peaches to Poutine

      i'd try

      and if not them, maybe schwartz's or lesters can oblige

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        Smoked turkey is a Schwartz speciality. Looks like you have to order a full turkey though. Otoh, they sell breast by the pound so they must have legs left over. Doesn't hurt to ask.

      2. They have smoked turkey legs in the kosher section of Loblaws on St-Jacques & Cavendish. Unfortunately nowhere near the Townships. :-(

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          I see them all the time at Costco. I don't know if there is a Costco near you, I hope this helps!

        2. I remember seeing them at the IGA near my house in Pincourt. I know that doesn't help you but you might want to ask someone at your IGA if the do in fact carry them.

          1. From what I understand the smoked turkey legs in the kosher section of Loblaws and the smoked turkey at Schwartz is not actually smoked but brine cured much the same way Montreal smoked meat is made.
            I think the OP is actually looking for a low and slow, barbecued with real smoke, kind of turkey leg.
            In that case Peaches to Poutine, you might want to inquire at Bofinger.
            As far as I know they are the only ones in Montreal doing that southern US style barbecue smoke thing.

            Also there is:
            Charchuterie Drago Zagreb Meat
            9 Rue Sunnydale
            Dollard-Des-Ormeaux QC, H9B 1E1
            This guy does some very nice euro style smoking and maybe he can fix you up.

            1. Zinman Marché De Vollailles

              7010, Rue Saint-Dominique, Montréal, QC H2S 3B7 (514) 277-4302