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Feb 20, 2011 06:30 AM

Jaime Oliver's Revolution Menu at Patra's Glassell Park

Jaime Oliver cooked for a night at Patra's in Cypress Park and added a limited Revolution Menu of more healthful fare that we wanted to try. The new menu is on the wall but even with my glasses, a bit difficult to read. There are three Angus beef burgers, one vegetarian burger called "The Happy Cow" although the beef burgers are not called "The Sad Cow," a salad and two burritos-one vegetarian and one with brisket. My omnivorous son asked sheepishly if he HAD to order from the Revolution menu and ended up with a double cheeseburger from the regular. The vegetarian boy ordered the Happy Cow and I selected the vegetarian burrito. The staff doesn't seem to get the new menu because while I specified three times NO SPROUTS both the Happy Cow and burrito arrived laden with them and the regular burger was consumed long before we got the rest of our corrected order. The Revolution menu also has three fruit ice drinks. The banana one was o.k. but the kids found the berry one too watery and tart. Both of the vegetarian entries are based on beans. The Happy Cow burger was sort of dry and tasted a bit like falafel. The vegetarian burrito was pretty much a work-a-day bean burrito except small, cheeseless, and in a wheat tortilla. Not bad but given that the Revolution items are priced at almost twice as much as the regular items I'm not sure if they'll fly with the regular customers. Both the Happy Cow and burrito came with a salad and we were offered commercial dressing which I imagine would thwart Oliver's vision more than a little. The accompanying salad was very wet lettuce and shriveled grated carrots though so the high calorie dressing wasn't an issue. We don't have many outlets for meatless food on the quick in our area so I imagine we'll try it again but it wasn't love at first bite.

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  1. Thanks Layne, I was wondering what it would be like, doesn't sound very impressive!

    1. Jaimie Oliver at Patras, wow I would have never seen that one coming.

      Thanks for the review.
      The Sad Cow, that's pretty funny.

      This just in Gordon Ramsey will be at Choo Choo's.......

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        his "revamp" of Patra's was part of season 2 of Food Revolution - his show on ABC.

      2. I have absolutely no idea why Oliver did this menu revamp, and at such a weird inaccessible place. It's surrounded by used car dealerships and auto repair places in a pretty rough neighborhood, although it IS down the street from Super King (but just try getting into the Patra's parking lot from San Fernando Road).

        The neighborhood is mostly Hispanic and the locals are much more likely to eat at the nearby King Burrito or 7 Mares branches than try healthy burgers and burritos which are all tailored to Oliver's British palate (heavy on Middle Eastern flavors and ingredients). Dude, no one calls it "guacamole spread" in this 'hood.

        As Layne mentioned, the Oliver burgers and burritos are also relatively expensive in comparison to the rest of the regular hamburger stand menu. Except for the odd Highland Park/Eagle Rock hipster or Oxy student who might wander in for lighter fare, I can't see this particular menu changing the entrenched eating habits of the folks who live nearby (if that was the intention). I think Jamie should have stayed in Westwood.

        7 Mares
        802 W La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801

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        1. re: soyarra

          Well put soyarra!!!! What is with this guy??? He's a bloody joke..... He needs to go back to his Queen.. CHEERS.....

          1. re: Chez Coop

            I really hope that's sarcastic,. Really hard to tell on the internet these days. Here's the thing I love ...go visit the chain boards and see how much hate , venom, whatever is directed to those establishments. Someone comes in and tries to feed kids healthier and make fast food healthier and is met with the same boggles my mind (as small as it may be)

        2. i respectfully disagree. My family went this past week and were blown away with how artisan tasting the burgers were. The meat was high quality 100% grass fed angus, and the ingredients to dress the burgers were absolutely amazing. the side salad that came with the burgers was crisp slaw with shredded carrots that were very fresh... perfect dressed side dish. both for $4.95! we had the berry, strawberry and banana smoothies... all PERFECT (even for a sweet toothed 8 1/2 year old). the service was great. also wondering... why should/would jamie oliver "stay" in westwood? would that imply that those of us who live in the glassell park/eagle rock areas don't enjoy healthful, delicious food? please don't determine what we like to eat. The owner kept the original menu, but thankfully added the revolution foods menu for those of us who have been hoping for a miracle in what is considered fast food. i think you might change your mind should you try for yourself.

          1. I agree with rck4food. $4.95 for a healthy fast food meal sounds like Jamie worked black magic to create this menu. I for one am going to try it as soon as possible. I really hope the idea catches on. People everywhere need to demand healthier food.

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            1. re: oscardagrouch

              Agree - I live too far away to try it myself but after the initial screams of prices I did some research. First off there are tons of Coupons on their web site..second adding the grass fed beef to any burger is thirty cents more..third even if you go for the revolution menu under five dollars for better sourced and healthier food is a fair trade.

              1. re: oscardagrouch

                I thought the price would be much higher myself but it's not.
                For what you get the price is very reasonable.

                I had the Green goddess for 4.95 with the slaw salad.
                When it came out I was happy to see a perfectly made fresh looking burger and a fresh looking slaw salad next to it.

                The burger comes in at 460 calories and I think he did a good job at keeping the calories down but still delivering enough flavor to satisfy someone who's counting calories.