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Feb 20, 2011 05:22 AM

Cafe Spice in Towson is moving

Just learned that Cafe Spice on York Road in Towson is moving. There last day at the Towson location will be February 28th. They hope to reopen in Cockeysville by the end of March. I'm pretty sure the new location will be 10540 York Road in the location that was a Boardwalk Fries.

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  1. Thanks for this -- we'll have to try to visit before they go. And if that Cockeysville location shakes out, I won't have as far to drive for my gobi manchuri fix!!

    1. Apparently even though Cafe Spice is moving to Cockeysville, another Indian restaurant is occupying the old space in Towson. Anyone know details?

      1. Cafe Spice reopened this past week. We'll be there at some point this weekend and I'll report back.

        1. We had dinner this evening at Cafe Spice in their new location at 10540 York Road in Cockeysville. No worries about their loyal clientele not following them north; we went around 7 and the dining room was nearly full, and the phone was ringing off the hook. The biggest change other than the location is the upgraded dining room. Ornate, patterned umbrellas hang from the ceiling, and the walls are adorned with attractive Indian portraiture. The staff is a mix of old and new: our server was obviously new to the menu, but she was very nice and accommodating. Of course, the owners were ever-present, making certain that everyone was well-served and happy. We were big fans of the Towson location, so we were happy to find that the menu has not changed a bit, and neither has the quality of the food. The Gobi Manchuri is still perfectly spicy-sweet. Ron had the Tandoori chicken (Half a chicken, I forgot how big it was), and Aim had the Aloo Gobi Masala, which is a veggie dish with flavors that are mellow and citrusy. Long story short, we are happy to report that everything was fantastic. A note: Cafe Spice is now BYOB (at least for the time being).

          1. Had carry out from Cafe Spice last night. Everything I ordered was just great: Mulligatawny soup, Naan, Gobi Manchuri and Vegetable Jalfrezzi. All was fresh tasting and spiced well. I'm very happy to have them in Cockeysville.