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Feb 20, 2011 05:13 AM

Ahmad cardamon Tea

Hi all;
Does anyone know where I can buy Ahmad Cardamon Tea in the Toronto area. Please provide an address to purchase this item as I am attempting to purchase this product.


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  1. Iqbal
    2 Thorncliffe Park Drive.

    They've had it in the past.

    1. Where are you located? State your co-ordinates and we'll send in some chai backup.

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      1. re: pakmode

        Thanks but I'm specifically looking for the ahmad cardamon black tes!!

        1. re: Robert Dunne

          Sorry, chai literally means tea in urdu/hindi. Not the 'chai' - spiced tea you find everywhere here.
          Where are you located and I can recommend a place close to you.

          1. re: pakmode

            I'm am sorry for the Chai confusion. I live near Park Lawn and the Queensway area.

            Thanks for your asssistance with this quest;

            , Toronto, ON M5G, CA

            1. re: Robert Dunne


              I would suggest heading up to the 'Tehranto' Persian area on Yonge north of Finch. (6103 Yonge St.) There are 3 grocery stores on the east side that are open 24 hours and they will carry it.

              As the above poster, Hal2010, mentioned there is Iqbal foods as well, though they may not have that particular type. They do carry fresh ground cardamom which I would highly recommend purchasing. I use a pinch of that every morning in my Bialetti-made espresso and it's amazing. I add it to tea sometimes as well.

              There is also the Lawrence of Arabia area - Arz Foods at 1909 Lawrence Ave. East will also carry it as well.

              1909 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R, CA

              1. re: pakmode

                I founf it and thank you so much!!! I bought five boxes and gave some to two coworkers.


      2. Im a huge fan of making black tea boiled with fresh ground cardamom at home. I havent been able to find any place in toronto that serves a similar cardamom black tea (with spice freshly ground, not from the bag).

        Davids tea has a blend with cardamom in it, but im looking for something close to the kind of sweet east african/middle eastern tea with fresh ground cardamom in it thats actually slowly simmered, not just thrown in hot water.

        This might be a tall order, but i figured if any one knows of a place, itll be fellow fans of cardamom tea!

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        1. re: saltandsaffron

          My husband has actually picked up Ahmad's Tea in Longo's once - in the Bathurst & 16th ave. store.
          Other than that I would try various south asian stores (sorry - dont have a specific rec).
          They really do make the most realistic cardamom tea- it is one of the few that we are completely addicted to!

        2. You can find the whole collection in Yummy Market on Major Mackenzie and Dufferin. I shop there all the time and I love it.