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Dec 22, 2005 12:31 AM

Need good value Chinese seafood In Monterey Park

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Can anyone suggest a place around Monterey Park that offers live seafood at a good price? Especially interested in king crab and/or jumbo prawns.

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  1. I don't know what a "good price" is, but if you want king crab you'll have to pay a significant price.

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    1. re: Peter

      I realize king crab and jumbo prawns can be very expensive, which is why I'm asking if anyone knows of a place which serves them for a good price I define "good price" as meaning lower than what most other places are charging.

      1. re: bobcat

        Don't know if you saw this recent post about a place down by Knotts Berry Farm that is an all you can eat King Crab place or not? I am not vouching for it, but did notice it and then your quest.

        Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

        1. re: WLA

          Thanks. I did read that, but it doesn't fit any of my criteria, being too far, not Chinese, and (I'm assuming) not live king crab. The fact that the Chinese places serve freshly killed king crabs is what shoots the prices up into the stratosphere.

    2. I'll suggest 2 -- neither of which are in Monterey Park, but are very close by.


      9669 Las Tunas Dr.
      Temple City

      1412 S. Garfield Ave.

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      1. re: ipse dixit

        Any idea how much king crab or giant prawns might go for at these places? Thx.

          1. re: Peter

            Uhh, how about right now?

            1. re: bobcat

              Just on a whim, I decided to call MPV. Guess what? They speak English.

              They have king crab, and it's $32.80 per pound.

              1. re: Joe B.

                $32 bucks a pound, huh? Knotts Berry Farm is starting to sound a LOT better. LOL

                1. re: bobcat

                  You can have all you can eat at the Universal City Buffet. I do think they're cold, however. They also had some giant dungeness as I recall that were prepared as an entre and tasted great. This was a while back so I'd call and check.

                  1. re: bobcat

                    Just remember you get what you pay for. The live King Crabs are AWESOME. However the $32/lb is a little high. The local chinese restaurant by my house serves King Crab at 20-25/lb and spot prawns for $50lb, but you get a pound free so really the prawns are $25/lb.

                    The all you can eat buffets are always hit and miss with their crabs (too salty, no meat).

                    I suggest that you splurge and get the live stuff but maybe check for other restaurants that may have specials on these items.

                    1. re: bobcat

                      King crab is always expensive - I'm not sure of the last time I came across one that didn't run close to $200. They are caught in some of the roughest, coldest seas in the world - the expense is somewhat understandable.

                      Frozen crabs, of course, are much cheaper.

              2. re: bobcat

                market price ... which means you MUST ask before they plop the crab/prawn into the boiling pot or sizzling wok ...