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Feb 19, 2011 08:46 PM

Lukshon Prices Raised Already, by as much a $7 per dish!!

Had an okay meal at Lukshon tonight and the strange feeling that it was more expensive than the menu a friend sent to me after dinner a week ago! Came home to discover prices have been raised on the majority of dishes- most notably being the mussels- a $7 jump in price ($19 versus $12)
I wanted to let everyone before you walk into a meal that is much more expensive than you anticipate!
(see attached)
tea- all teas up a dollar.
raw dishes- oysters now 15/30 from 14/28, scallops 17 from 15, beef tartare now 15 from 14
small- squid 15 from 13, duck 13 from 12, chicken pops 14 from 11 (3 dollar difference), pork ribs 19 from 16 (3 dollar difference), lamb roti canal 15 from 14
big- mussels 19 from 12, short ribs 32 from 31, skirt steak 29 from 28, pork belly 23 from 21
noodles- chicken soup 12 from 10, curry 14 from 12, dandan 13 from 12
rice- black 11 from 9, xo 10 from 9, coconut rice cakes 7 from 6
sides- eggplant 9 from 8, okra 9 from 7

What I thought was going to be a pricey meal was very expensive and as the food wasn't incredible, I won't be back anytime soon....

3239 Helms Ave, Culver City, CA 90034

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  1. thanks for doing that math for us.

    1. Sang Yoon's experimenting with price points, I guess. Count me out at Lukshon for now.

      3239 Helms Ave, Culver City, CA 90034

      1. There was a recent thread about the current prices at Apple Pan compared to the prices on their unofficial website.

        So I wanted to compare Sang's other restaurant and see how much prices have gone up.

        FO burger, according to a review in 2006, was $10.75, of course that's the SM location. 2010, Culver City location, $12.50. Almost $2, in four years.

        Apple Pan
        10801 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

        1. I heard they raised the prices so they could buy some highchairs and booster seats. I think the really felt bad about seeming like they weren't accommodating to children.

          No need to go there for now. I"ll go to A-Frame instead.

          12565 Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066, USA

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          1. re: bsquared2

            Hmmmm. Those two places couldn't be more different in concept and style IMO.

            1. Ok Fine. Stop complaining. It's still a Thank You Sang Moment every time. We've been 5 times already. Everything was better each time. Everything was freaking Perfect, in fact, delicious can't describe it well enough. Proof to my friends and I that a true perfectionist is at work.
              Those Oysters are fed ex'd from PEI, and they're the same Oysters used at Le Bernadin. Where else can you get an oyster like that? Same goes for the Scallop, good luck getting one that good except at the level of Mori Sushi and of course it's exactly the same Scallop as he uses, since we know the Chefs are good friends and use the same fish guy.
              The Chicken Pops are like the Mozart of chicken wings, charge what you want Sang and keep the riff raff out. House made Chiang Mai Sausage stuffed Baby Squid, wow if you can't pay $15 for that, show up on someone else's corporate credit card and you'll have more fun. Gosh I wonder if anyone has ever been to a fancy restaurant and said woops I thought I was at a SGV minimall place? There's room in the world for both.
              This is not general sangs house of noodles. It's Lukshon, the name even sounds expensive. We say Rock on Sangster.
              Also dude there is no Chicken Soup on the menu, it's Superior Broth, hope you're ok with Pork bones and that is a Consomme, a major show off dish, many layers of cooking involved to get it so clear and pure.
              Also love the chic and lovely ladies we always meet there. Anytime you run into hotties dressed like it's NY, London, and Paris, it's a good thing.
              Even my crusty friend Eric who never likes anything thought it was the best meal in his life and wants to go back, first time ever for him.
              And as a far more famous person said to me the other night, "it's perfect, keep ordering"

              Mori Sushi
              11500 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

              3239 Helms Ave, Culver City, CA 90034

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              1. re: lono

                I wasn't trying to make this a review of Lukshon, more an FYI, but let me breakdown why it was just an okay meal.
                Started with the chicken pops- these were incredibly fatty and I had to break each piece apart with a fork to find meat rather than fat or skin. There was barely any meat. Not an impressive dish- it should be on the Father's Office menu as their chicken wings, and I still wouldn't be wowed.
                Then had the yu choy sum- very simple greens with pieces of ham. Not very flavorful, a decent side, but nothing great.
                Then the skirt steak "au poivre", well cooked and a very tender skirt steak. I did like the pairing with shishito peppers, but the steak was bland, missing that pungent au poivre flavor and I saw no evidence of peppercorns encrusting the steak or in the sauce, which is what I take au poivre to be.
                Along with the skirt came the heirloom black rice, which is delicious- no complaints there.
                Then the chiang mai curry noodles- nice, flavorful broth but found this dish impossible to eat. Came with one large ladle, but we weren't given spoons to eat it with, making it impossible to taste the broth, until we asked for spoons... The prawn was unpeeled and looked pretty but when at a "fancy restaurant" I don't want to stick my fingers in curry sauce and peel my own prawn!
                Which leads me to remark on the service in general, which is not the service of, as Lono says, a "fancy restaurant". We were given tiny little plates to eat everything on, which were never replaced, no matter how dirty they got over the course of dinner. Again, dishes were lacking the correct serving pieces and silverware to eat with them. And there was a huge inconsistency in timing- got the chicken pops fast, then the yo choy sum, the steak, the rice all came together, then had a truly long wait at the end before the curry noodles came out. It was not a well-timed meal.
                And I'm not even going to remark on the free dessert- but let's just say I'd rather pay $10 and have a choice.
                I've been to Le Bernadin, I've been to the best restaurants in the country and the world for that matter, and I'm very happy to pay the price when the quality and service match it. But at Lukshon, the food quality and service absolutely don't measure up, in my opinion.

                Father's Office Bar
                1618 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA

                3239 Helms Ave, Culver City, CA 90034

                1. re: laeater24

                  It's a very astute pickup and a valid point. Price/quality ratio is always a consideration be it French Laundry or Dean Sin World. Sang is trying to reproduce David Chang's highly successful empire in NYC. I hope he doesn't forget what makes Chang's establishments so successful is that the food is good but that the prices are reasonable. I don't know the exact pricing now, but Ssam Bar's entrees were sub $25 a couple of years back.

                  As for Lono's comment: "Anytime you run into hotties dressed like it's NY, London, and Paris, it's a good thing." Hotties and good food is an inverse relationship. That's a given be it LA, NYC, or Miami.

                  1. re: laeater24

                    Nice, honest review. I just had a meal at Lukshon. While I actually loved the food, they do have some rather serious kinks to work out, particularly with service. The pricing was perfectly in line with the quality of food, I think, but I sure would have preferred the original pricing!

                    3239 Helms Ave, Culver City, CA 90034