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Feb 19, 2011 03:33 PM

Please help! I just opened a can of Coco Lopez' Cream of Coconut...

and it has a slightly pinkish tinge to it. Is this normal???

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  1. I've been using it for years, and have never seen a pinkish tinge. As they say, "when in doubt, throw it out," even though I don't always follow that advice. When I'm cooking for company or kids, I'm fanatical, but when it's just me, and I see something like that, I can't help but dip my finger in it and try it out. Let's see what others say...

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    1. re: Claudette

      Thanks! I'd love to hear what others say too. I did realize it was separated in the can. When I warmed it up, and shook it well - it looked normal, just not as 'white' as I thought it would be. It tastes fine.

      I did go ahead and use it in the coconut ice box cake. I did see on another message board where a couple of people were saying that sometimes real coconut milk has a pinkish hue to it. ???

      Of course, there was no date on the can, just one of those mysterious codes. I really do wish that it would be law that you have to have a readable date, not one in 'code,' on cans, bags, etc.

    2. I have also been using Coco Lopez for years and did have a bad can once. It had a slight brownish hue to it and smelled a little rancid. I stupidly made a drink out of it anyway and after a few sips had to chuck it all, blech. I have never seen a can with a pinkish tinge. Almost every can I've had has been separated so that's normal. You could try contacting Coco Lopez directly through their website (and also mention to them about their date codes) . Does your cake taste OK? Now I'm curious too. Good luck.

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      1. re: ubetty

        Yeah, rancid is pretty much the worst it can get. If it tastes okay I'd say it IS okay.

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          The cake turned out GREAT, so I'm thinking it was fine. I even tasted it after I warmed it up, and it was fine. I did see on another message board that sometimes coconut milk can have a pinkish/greyish hue.

        2. i opened a can and it was a little tan color didn't smell like coconut but the date was un readable...they need to put a readable date on the can cause some stores if they don't sell them often might leave them on the shelf and they are rancid and we buy anyway and bad product won't buy again...i made the cake anyway but was for a birthday and don't know if it taste good or not hope so...but don't like the color tan at all

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            Oh please. Why on earth would you use a product that looks suspicious. If only for you, why on earth. If for others, I'm really happy I'm not in that group.