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Feb 19, 2011 02:29 PM

Rod Dee Chowdown: Thursday February 24


Hi all,

I've been reading and posting on this board for a while now and I've noticed a few chowdowns take place that I haven't been able to participate in. I figured, why not organize one myself? I've been hearing a lot of raves about Island Creek so that immediately came to mind as a possible location but I am open to pretty much anywhere. I'm off of work until Sunday the 27th so I'm flexible about times too. If anyone is interested please reply to the email address posted on my profile. Additionally, I'll update this thread if enough hounds respond. Thanks for reading!!

  1. Just a piece of advice, from having planned a couple of chowdowns myself and participated in others - set the day, time, and location for your gathering, and then see who can join you. It will be much harder to come up with a plan if you're compiling votes from a bunch of other people.

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      I agree. I have planned only one Chowdown, and I did exactly what Allstonian suggests. It is very good advice to follow. It is wonderful that someone is willing to step forward. No reason to make the job of organizing more difficult than need be,

    2. Thanks to Allstonian and PinchOfSalt I am modifying my post. I still want to visit ICOB but the price point may make it unattractive for a chowdown. I'm interested in Floating Rock but since they're not open in Cambridge yet I settled on Rod Dee.

      Chowdown at Rod Dee in Porter Square.
      Thursday February 24, 6:30PM

      Respond to the email listed on my profile by Wednesday February 23.