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Feb 19, 2011 01:26 PM

Size of Le Creuset French Oven to get?

I've been thinking about purchasing a Le Creuset French Oven and wonder which size to get.
I like to cook Soups and Stews for 4 people.

Is a 5 1/2, 7 1/4 or 9 quart the way to go? The poor
gal at Williams-Sonoma didn't have a clue; probably seasonal help. The best she could do was, "they come in yellow and are heavy."

I'm thinking of picking one on my next visit to the USA.

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  1. Do it, once you've figured out sizing. Hell's more likely to freeze over before GTA retailers realign pricing to reflect exchange reality. You'll get the size and colour you want plus reasonable assurance of "first" quality. Home Sense and Winners are limited in selection and don't always seem to sell anything but "seconds." Go shopping for size and colour at W-S or wherever and buy from the States.

    1. IMO, a 5 1/2 quart French oven will easily make enough soup or stew for four people. If you want to make extra for freezing, you might want to get a bigger one. It will also be heavier (and more expensive), though.

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        Agreed 5 1/5 quart is a good size. But why the US? Are you in Canada? There are lots of places to buy LC

      2. I have heard they are now made in Asia (Vietnam) longer in France.

        Is that true?

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        1. re: Mission

          Last I checked, the enameled cast iron was still made in France. The stonewear that I bought is made in Thailand.

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            AFAIK, the ceramic pieces (bakeware, crocks, etc) are made in VN but the enameled cast iron cookware is still made in FR. Other brands of ECI made in FR are Staub and Fontignac (owned by Staub but more like LC)

            1. re: Mission

              Absolutely untrue. 100%, unequivocally false. The stoneware pieces are made in various Asian countries, but the enameled cast iron has always been - and continues to be made in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France.

            2. Thanks everyone. Looks like the 5.5 quart is a good size.
              I'm from the USA but currently live in Toronto.
              Any suggestions where to find a good price on a LC in Canada? I'm finding it is about 30% cheaper to buy it in the USA.

              1. I would definitely recommend the 7.25 at a minimum. I think you'll appreciate the larger capacity. It's also a great size for a whole chicken.