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Feb 19, 2011 02:07 PM

Cuban Sandwich Cafe: Run By Cuban Chef From Miami Florida

I'm in the latter stages of a 49 part series of articles on the state of tacos in Austin Texas. My current topic is bacon egg and cheese so I've been rumbling around Austin trying to find the very best.

Which is how I stumbled upon Cuban Sandwich Cafe in the old Dora's Fried Chicken room on Briarcliff Road in Northeast Austin.

It's a lovely little cafe with a scratch pastry case filled to bursting with all sorts of baked goods courtesy of chef/owner Enrique Reyes.

A Cuban gentleman from Miami, Chef explained to me that he's been cooking his entire life and finally opened his own restaurant last September; Cuban Sandwich Cafe.

I can tell you his prices are certainly reasonable as he offers a burger/fry combo for under 5 dollars and huge tamales for a buck fifty.

I think my breakfast taco was $1.50 but I bought several items so I'm not sure.

I sampled a cream horn from the case and it wasn't the freshest one I've ever had but was good and the pastry cream was outstanding.

My bacon egg and cheese breakfast taco was plump and nicely prepared albeitly served on store bought tortillas.

Service was quite friendly and the place was abustle with neighborhood folks hunkered down over big plates of steaming Cuban food.

Free Wi-fi for those into that sort of thing.

American and Cuban Coffee.

Milkshakes-Mamey, Blackberry, Pineapple, Guava



Tacos: Al Pastor, Barbacoa, Chicken, Beef Fajita, Ground Beef, Pork, Carne Guisada

Emapanadas- Beef, Chicken, Ham and Cheese

Daily plate lunch specials

Fried Catfish

Croqueta de Jamon


Open 7 days

1804 Briarcliff Boulevard
Austin, TX 78723

Look below for pic of Chef and his baked creations

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    1. mixtos, bebidas, and cafecita?
      count me in!

      1. I just ate here for the first time today and enjoyed it very much. Had a cuban sandwich - figured I should get that out of the way. The bread is homemade and they press it till it's shatteringly crisp. Love that. It was also piled high with ham and roast pork - not really my preference - I would have preferred it to be flatter that way the meat doesn't slide out when you bite into it. But the taste was good and I like that they dress it with mustard and mayo instead of only mustard.

        I also ordered the yuca con mojo, which I thought was going to be yuca frita with a mojo sauce (it was listed right under yuca frita on the menu, my own mistake) but it was actually boiled yuca dressed with a very oily mojo which only faintly tasted of garlic. The texture of the yuca was pretty gluey. It's much lighter in texture when fried. Anyway, it also came with some pickled onions were a nice contrast.

        I'll definitely be back - I would really like to try some of the specials. Today was ropa vieja, lechon asada... can't remember the rest but everyone's plates looked great!

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        1. re: Allison L.

          Ok, I'm definitely going to have to check this place out. Cuban sandwiches are one of the things I pretty much thought I kissed goodbye when I left New York (the same way that I kissed good Mexican food goodbye when I moved to there in the first place). The "piled high" part kinda weirds me out, but I'm still interested. I think most of the places I went to in NY were Puerto Rican (therefore Pernil Asado), but the sandwiches I've had in Miami at Cuban places tasted practically identical.

          On that note, has anyone tried that Cuban sandwich trailer off of Lamar around Mary? I saw it several times but was always at inopportune moments... not sure if it's even still around. Still there? Any good?

          1. re: popvulture

            NM, just found an old post on here about the trailer, but I'd still like to hear how it's going these days if anybody wants to chime in.

        2. scrumptiouschef, where can we read your articles on Austin's tacos?

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          1. re: luckyfatima

            Sorry Luckyfatima but I'm forbidden from revealing that information. The gulag that runs seenet has taken me to task in the past for mentioning it so I stand appropriately chastened.
            Thankfully the google and their byzantine search metric rather enjoys my site so some lite searching will reveal all.

            1. re: scrumptiouschef

              oooh, a mystery. I have a taco obsession so I will surely delve the depths of online research in hopes of cracking it. thx.

              1. re: luckyfatima

                Hmm. I think schef blogs at chowpapi dot com, for one. We'll see how long this post lasts!

                  1. re: luckyfatima

                    Wow thanks SC I really love that place. Cuban rocket fuel coffee. Check. Really good breakfast tacos. Check. Delicious(if understuffed) beef and chicken empanadas like we can't seem to find in Austin. Check. Sweet plantains. Check. Best napoleon I ever had (makes me wanna take one over to La Madeline and say "like this") Check. Really good pork sandwich. Check. Do you say Viva Cuba? Get this guy some customers!

          2. Just had a real cafe con leche from there. Made the way it should be with evaporated milk and lots of sugar. Made me miss Miami just a little bit less.