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Feb 19, 2011 12:52 PM

Any ideas of a classy retirement party evening near tysons (ideas on how to set it up)

wondering if anyone had ideas of where to go relatively close to tysons for a retirement business dinner.. was also hoping for some ideas of how not to make it too "formal" or that everyone goes around the room (it would be about 25 people). I thought about a tasting room combo- i'm not a meeting planner so hoping some of you could share some ideas of how to organize this and where.

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  1. Not sure on your budget but I've been to mid size events in the following places and they were nice (from cheapest to most expensive).
    1. Shamshiry (persian food not sure if they have alcohol, but has private dining room that you can use).
    2. Maggiano (I know its a chain and people complain its dressed up cafetaria food. I still like the place and have alway felt that I had a good meal. private dining room upstairs)
    3. Morton's

    out of the 3, shamshiry has the best food hands down and is also the cheapest.

    8607 Westwood Center Dr Ste 100A, Vienna, VA 22182

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      I like the Shamshiry idea. I haven't been in a while and didn't know they had a private room, but if accommodated your crowd size, then doing to the tasting room idea is something that would work here and they'd probably do for you.

      If you stretched out to Reston, Mon Ami Gabi could be an option, or El Manantial.

      I would venture to say that McCormick and Schmicks in Tysons or Reston would do, but I am not a fan of theirs. For this, it might be a suitable fit, though.

      8607 Westwood Center Dr Ste 100A, Vienna, VA 22182

    2. Depending on what you plan to spend some place like the Tower Club might be suitable

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        We're willing to spend a decent amount- we do normal dinner meetings (once a year- agian - work) at wildfire, flemings, capital grille (lots of steakhouse).. there has to be a "high end" component so some of those suggestions would be okay but especially given the retirement edge, we'd bump it up. I was thinking 2941 but it's a little far ..

        Also- any ideas on how to set this dinner up so it's not a going around the room speech from everyone there about this person retiring? would like some unique ideas.. was thinking a wine tasting- they are all older so a sit down would have to do vs stand up cocktail.. thanks!!

        1. re: lisadc01

          2941 is not very far from Tysons at all. How about a private room at the Palm?

      2. I don't know if they have a private room, but maybe Panache?