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Feb 19, 2011 12:41 PM

Where to buy sauces, seasoning mixes, dips etc...

Looking for a places in Nola that sell different hot sauces, seasoning mixes, dips etc...? I'll be coming up next week and want to bring some stuff back to Hawaii. Would love a bunch of hot sauces, maybe some crawfish/crab boil mixes, that kind if stuff. Any place stand out on where to go for good selection?

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  1. Just about any locally-based grocery store like Rouse's or Dorignac's will have a good selection. If you're staying in the French Quarter, there is a Rouse's at the corner of Royal and St. Peter (the old French Quarter A&P).

    1. There's a store in Jackson Brewery that sells a lot of food products. Get some Cajun Land Seasonings. Good luck.

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        Thanks for the replies and info. I'll be staying at the Roosevelt on Barrone st. Is the stuff they sell in the regular grocery stores any different from specialty type stores? Is Cajun Land seasonings a brand? Is it one of the more popular ones? Anything in particular I should look for?

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          you'll find tons of stuff for sale all over the french quarter. i enjoyed walking through the indoor riverwalk mall (along the river), and was surprised to see all the different shops. also a wonderful museum of southern food and beverage there.

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            The stuff in the grocery stores is what the natives actually cook with. It's also quite a bit cheaper.

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              If you get a chance and like good wine and good deli food go to Martin's Wine Cellar in Matairie. They are one of the oldest wine merchants in NOLA and have a great selection as well as a fine deli for lunch. They also have a lot of imported food items as well as local food stuff. I'm sure they will ship it to you. I have them ship me wine all the time.

              Martin's Wine Cellar @ 714 Elmeer Ave., Metairie, LA 504 - 896 - 7300. *

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                Here's a link to Cajun Land Seasoning. It's made in Metairie. If you find any in NOLA or order any the only thing you will need is the seafood seasoning and their cajun seasoning with green onion. Commander's Palace uses their seasonings. Their other seasonings are great but the above two will get you by.


                Commander's Palace Restaurant
                1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

            2. You'll want to check airline regulations before purchasing liquid hot sauces; it would be a shame to have to surrender such. The New Orleans School of Cooking on St. Louis St. has a good variety of boil mixes, dips, and other seasonings. If time permits, I highly recommend taking a class there.....although not hands-on, it's fun and you get a full meal for the price. The Gumbo Shop sells their own 3-pepper blend that I always keep on hand. It's equal parts black, white, and red pepper and to my knowledge, it's only available at their restaurant on St. Peter St. Central Grocery on Decatur St. also has lots of interesting food items,,,,stop in on your way to or from the French Market. Have a wonderful trip!

              1. The cajun grocer is a great internet source.