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Feb 19, 2011 12:27 PM

Mambos - Cuban Food in Jacksonville Beach

Mambos Cuban Bistro is a new Cuban restaurant in Jax Beach (3rd Street a little north of Beach Blvd.). It's operated by a Cuban family from Miami. Had lunch there today - and it's pretty good. Note that this is Mambos' second location (the first is up near Mayport). Serves lunch - dinner and breakfast on weekends. Has a full liquor license too. A welcome addition to the Jax restaurant scene (which has almost nothing in the way of Cuban restaurants). Robyn

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  1. Robyn, if you are willing to drive there are a couple of great cuban restaurants in jax. The first is Havana Jax located near downtown in St Nicholas area. The other one is Puerta Playa(actually Puerto Rican food but very similar in what you would find in a Cuban restaurant) on the westside off Blanding and San Juan.)

    The other special mention is Madrid near St Johns Bluff and Beach Blvd but rumor has it they have sold to new owners so....???

    San Juan Cafe
    13260 66th St, Largo, FL 33773

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      Thanks. We've been to Havana Jax and Madrid - and they're basically not worth the drive for us (we're out at the Beaches). Perhaps if we find ourselves on the west side for some other reason - we'll try Puerta Playa. Robyn