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Feb 19, 2011 12:19 PM

Can I make Alfredo Sauce With Milk?

I do not have many ingrediants. and no whipping cream. can i use vitiman d milk? can someone give me a quick simple yummy recipie?! please. cooking for my byfriend tnight!!

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    1. re: jaykayen

      buter and parm?
      aint there flour? thought there was a bit more to it...
      do you have measurments?

      1. re: ashleyshampine2011

        traditional alfredo is butter and grated parmesan.

        if you want to make a roux with milk and flour, it's something else. and that sprinkle cheese doesn't blend like the real stuff, or taste anything like it.

        1. re: hotoynoodle

          doesn't traditional alfredo include heavy cream??

            1. re: escondido123

              According to Barron's Third Edition Food Lovers Companion, it does. Otherwise, just mixing fresh cooked pasta with butter and parmesan does not require one to make a "sauce". Children eat pasta this way all the time. I do not make alfredo sauce, but was always under the impression it was cream based. I will research further.

              EDIT: ok, apparently the original version (ca. 1914) was solely butter and cheese. The cream added is considered a variation here in the US.

              1. re: Phurstluv

                it was also made with a type of butter that had even more fat than regular butter and fresh egg fettucine noodles. comparing this to kids eating prince spaghetti, wal-mart butter and sprinkle cheese is pirates and parakeets.

                1. re: hotoynoodle

                  Pirates and parakeets! Love that. And with the clarifications here (I also though it included cream) I'll be making some Alfredo one of these days --- with fresh noodles.

            2. re: Phurstluv

              Classic Alfredo contains no cream at all - the creamy consistency is achieved by using plenty of butter and parm, and tossing while very hot, adding a tiny bit of pasta water if necessary......
              cream is a later addition; good, but not classic.

              1. re: Phurstluv

                That't what I use, then I don't have to involve flour, just butter and parm. yum.

        2. yes. it won't be authentic, but here goes

          1 Tbl butter
          1 Tbl flour
          2 cups milk
          1/2 cup parmesan cheese

          melt the butter and then whisk in the flour. Add the milk. Whisk or stir constantly until it thickens, then add the cheese a handful at a time melting it completely before the next addition. :)

          Tada! Lowfat in-authentic alfredo sauce.

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          1. re: tzurriz

            can i use the powdered parm thats used on pasta?

            1. re: ashleyshampine2011

              You sure can, but it won't taste very good. Better to use some real cheese, even if it's not parmesan, and make a good tasting macaroni and cheese. But if your boyfriend likes the powdered cheese, he might just think it's great!

              1. re: ashleyshampine2011

                My mother made her alfredo sauce with milk and parm in the green can (way back in the 70s.) I've never liked alfredo sauce even when made by a good cook, but my brothers really loved my mom's version. If yoour BF likes powdered parm, this will taste familiar to him.

              2. re: tzurriz

                Not authentic either, but here is my recipe for use over 1 lb. pasta

                1 1/2 cups heavy cream
                5 Tbs. unsalted butter
                1 cup grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
                Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste
                Freshly grated nutmeg

                1. re: Rella

                  sometimes vermouth and fresh spinach, I know I morphed it but this with fresh cracked pepper over pasta, to die for. Actually its a wonderful base sauce for many things..

              3. I make a fake Alfredo with equal amounts of olive oil and flour (make a roux), then add half chicken broth and half fat-free half & half; when the sauce consistency is right, I melt in some really good cheese, like Parmiagiano, Locatelli Romano, or Asiago. Very nice with whole wheat rotini, grilled chicken chunks, and blanched broccoli florets.

                1. Thank you all so much.
                  tzurriz i used the recipie you gave me. it was soo good!
                  the boyfriend loved it.
                  thank you all again!

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                  1. re: ashleyshampine2011

                    I'm glad he liked it. You should probably make him the real stuff at some point though. With real cheese and everything. ;) Blow his socks off!

                  2. Ashley's boyfriend liked what she created, need we say more?

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                    1. re: escondido123

                      Which brings up the often argued thing here on CH. Even though what she made wasn't Alfredo, it still tasted good. As a CH pointed out on another thread, you can call it coq au vin but if it doesn't have chicken and wine in it, it isn't but that doesn't mean it won't be tasty. I kinda like knowing the difference.