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Feb 19, 2011 11:20 AM

Finale Desserts @ Park Plaza?

I've only been to the one in Cambridge a few years back w/ a friend from out of town and remember it being very good for the dessert selections (although admittedly over priced, i didn't mind b/c I appreciated the presentation on the plate etc) It was also a fun experience to look up at the mirror that was hung over the "bar" so that you could see the people mixing up the treats and pouring melted chocolate onto the massive marble slab...Is the Park Plaza location the same? What is the general consensus now about Finale Desserterie overall...interested in going only for dessert/drinks...if there is somewhere else that u think is an even better alternative for just desserts, please let me know!

Thanks ...Eat, drink and be merry!!

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  1. Pretty desserts that don't have much flavor. Better off getting a late dessert in a downtown resto with a good pastry chef...

    1. On the other hand, it can be convenient if you're going to be in Park Plaza and don't want to stray too far. I think it's decent enough.

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        I honestly think their stuff is totally lacking in any real flavor and will NOT eat there.

      2. We were in that area a while ago, after a theater performance. We checked out Finale, and didn't really see anything we liked, and were rather put off by the prices. We crossed over to Maggiano's, and had coffee and dessert. I had the profiteroles, and they were lovely. They had no problem having us come in for just dessert and coffee.

        1. bistro du midi, davio's and via matta are right there. i'd go to one of them before finale. price point will be the same for dessert and a drink/coffee.

          1. I've consistently been disappointed with the Finale in Coolidge Corner, sadly it is a popular meeting spot for a number of my I do go there occassionally. However the Harvard Square site stands out for me as a place I will never set foot in thanks to the the condescending staff and the worst most expensive excuse for a Boston Cream Pie I have ever paid good money for.. Davio's would be my 1st choice in Park Square.

            75 Arlington Street, Boston, MA 02116