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Feb 19, 2011 11:14 AM

90018 and nearby recommendations?

New to this neck of the woods....
Any must try restaurants, farmer's markets, food shops, bakeries nearby?
I think this area is called Jefferson Park?
Inexpensive a huge plus!!

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  1. Not necessarily in Jefferson Park, but go up a bit north and you're sort of in the heart of Korea town, lots and lots of good and cheap grub there.

    1. It's about 2.7 miles to Dino's (I know the name says burgers on it but everyone gets the day glo orange chicken and fries) on Pico for Crazy Chicken (Pollo Maniaco)

      Dino's Chicken and Burgers
      2575 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90006, USA

      1. TY,
        Dino's and Crazy Chicken are now on my list
        I'm dying to try some of the K-town places.
        Road to Seoul and Don Dae Gam are on my list but I'm way open toany suggestions!

        Road to Seoul
        1230 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006

        1. There is the Wellington Square Farmers Market on Sunday mornings which is small but has some delights like La Maison du Pain it is near Crenshaw and Washington and If you are over there my favorite brunches in the city can be had at Eureka Cafe though beware they are only open on weekends for now.

          Eureka Cafe
          4053 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018

          Wellington Square Certified Farmers Market
          W Washington Blvd Wellington Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90016