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Feb 19, 2011 11:13 AM

In NOLA over Spring Break with kids . Need feedback on my picks.

After spending some time researching which restaurants might might provide a really great meal and still work with kids I have come up with Bon Ton and Couchon. The kids are 8 years old and 19 months. The 8 year old will be fine anywhere if he can have a big piece of meat or spicy food. The 19 month old is the issue/wildcard. Are these good choices for a young child or should I make different choices? We just want to eat some really good food that you can only get in NOLA. We will be dining on Wednesday and Thursday nights. We plan go early around 6pm. Does anyone have any other ideas. Thanks.

Bon Ton Cafe
401 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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  1. I think those are good choices. However, I also think that if you go at 6 you can probably have a good time and a good meal at almost any of the preferred restaurants. You will be ahead of the 7+ rush and should get treated well by staff and early enough so that there can be room around your table if the tot is "vocal" (smile).

    Your tot can't be any more difficult for staff to handle than some "adults" they get and is probably preferable. Most good places will also create something in the kitchen for a very young child upon (a reasonable) request

    1. Get yourself a brandy milk punch and let the little one have a few sips. He'll be real mellow.