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Feb 19, 2011 10:57 AM

Diluted bleach wipe-down on granite counter?

Love to use bleach to clean the kitchen, but did a remodel awhile back, and not sure about using a mild bleach solution on granite countertops (I'm blessed with mega counter space, so it's a lot of granite). The granite is "sealed" (whatever that REALLY means), but still a little hesitant. Ideas?? Thanks in advance.

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  1. The granite has weathered the test of can handle a little bleach.....or anything else you throw at it.


    1. I've used a mild bleach solution for granite countertops for over eight years with no ill effects. *Mild* is the operative word, it's about the same dilution as used for cleaning vegetables. For me, this is a two-handed operation - one towel to wash and the second towel to dry. It takes no time at all and we're sparkling.
      NB: I have never re-sealed the countertops and I use them pretty hard.

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        Thanks to you both. As expensive as the mega-size granite was, didn't want to take any chances. And Sherri, what do you consider an acceptable ratio for the mild mix?

        1. re: pine time

          I use about 2 TBLS in a partly-filled 2 gal bucket of warm water. Note that I don't measure this, just pour by eyeball. I make up enough to clean all the granite counters - bathrooms, kitchen desk in addition to the rest of a fairly large kitchen, the guest kitchenette, the bar etc.

          I've never checked with any granite experts about this method so if you want peace-of-mind, you may want to look into it further. I just know that it's worked for me.

      2. gonna chime in here. We rented a house a few years back and I watered a plant in a brown-red straw basket thingy and left it on the granite overnight to drain, slightly overhanging the sink. Next morning I moved the basket and to my horror the beige granite countertop was stained with the red dye. I wiped and wiped, of course nothing budged. I tried bleach straight and the stain was still there with no change. I googled for hours and finally found a kitchen granite website which suggested straight bleach on paper towels with a weight on top which should suck up the stain like a poultice.

        I did it overnight, and next morning you could barely see the stain. Changed the paper towel and set it up for an all day poultice and that night it was gone. The shine did not come off the granite either.

        1. Bleach is fine - however the important part is resealing the granite every year or two to maintain it.

          1. I try not to use bleach in the kitchen too often because I just can't stand the smell of it. Our new home has granite countertops too and I use a sponge with soap on it to get rid of any bacteria, then wipe the soap off with a cloth, then I use a solution of vinegar and water to remove and additional grease or streaks. But then again, I don't have much counter space so it doesn't take that long to do 3 wipes of all spaces.

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              Thanks to all. Vinegar sounds intriguing, a little less caustic than bleach, altho' prior to your e-mail, would have had the same questions re: appropriateness for it on granite. Yes, I do reseal the granite annually--the product I buy for that smells much worse than bleach!