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Feb 19, 2011 10:12 AM


OK, so I booked a table a week ago, went last night as a four top. Kinks in service as it was their second Friday open, but apologies and three appetizers were compensatory. As usual, with Shlow, the food is the trump. We ordered 12 small plates: edamame, fried chicken, sweetbreads, risotto with sausage, fried manchego, etc. Everything was delicious. The place made me think of an izakaya or a taberna only with an American take. And it's perfect for Boston: Yet another bar that serves food. $100 a couple including tax, wine, tip.

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  1. Hmm was there the same night. I'm composing my thoughts and will probably review it

    Soooo mobbed however!

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      I was told that they sold one Margarita a minute that night for 186 minutes!

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        The Margaritas are pricey, but decent: one can actually taste the tequila even in an up version. The tequila pricing makes little sense, though: a shot of a tequila that retails for $20 costs $11, while one of a tequila that retails for $40 costs $12. I think the whole wine and spirits menu is designed to ream bottom-feeders. The relative bargains are higher up the list, making it an expensive place to drink decent wine and cocktails.

        Toro started out this way, too; it was a good six to eight months before they started carrying some respectable wines at the lower end of the list. Before that, there was little worthwhile below about $40-$60 a bottle. The cocktail program was weak early on, too, until they brought on a much more serious bar manager a year or two in.

        1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Yeah, they don't yet have a cocktail list at TICO. Work in progress, for sure. Good thing the food trumps!

    2. Went to Tico on a recent Monday night. I had been once before for beers and a few small plates shortly after they opened. Had a blood orange margarita and a spicy margarita. Blood orange was near perfect, the spicy was just a bit too sweet. Ordered fried manchengo with spicy pomegranite honey, tomato-rubbed bread with Serrano ham (really nice combo), Brussels sprouts with kumquat, jalapenos and bacon (a few undercooked Brussels in here, but again great flavors), fresh bacon a la plancha (I think that is Spanish for on a flat-top ;) ) and the two texture beef tacos. Tacos was the only disappointment. They were not bad per say, but I didn't detect a second texture of beef and the accompaniments were fine but I felt I was missing something, a fresh salsa, a bit of crema. In comparison to how smart and tasty the other dishes were, this just seemed to fall short. Plus the tortillas were not that good either. The fresh bacon was really nicely cooked and had a sort of mango or pineapple mustard and charred onions. I could have eaten way more than my share of this one. Overall, a really nice meal and good drinks. I think we were about $100 before tip.

      222 Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02116