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Anything good near Parx Casino?


I'm taking my wife to Parx for a couple of hours of gambling. Is there a decent restaurant anywhere in the area? All I can find are the typical chains. We will eat almost any cuisine, we just want something that is good. Can anyone help?

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  1. Nothing good anywhere near Parx. There is an Outback, Hooters, Carabbas, Chili's, Nifty Fifty's. NOTHING worth eating. Eat before you go.

    Nifty Fifty's
    4670 Route 42, Blackwood, NJ 08012

    1. I agree there are few great options, The best of the chains is Toscana 52. I've always enjoyed the food there & it's a great looking restaurant inside.

      1402 N Dupont St, Wilmington, DE 19806

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        Toscana 52 looks nice (as in, a slightly less tacky version of the Toscana in Mullica Hill NJ) but I ate there for lunch today and was rather deeply disappointed. Nice wine list but that's about it. I ordered one of the special pastas of the week and it was obviously reheated in the microwave - some sections of the plate piping hot, others barely lukewarm. Oversauced, bland and overcooked. A mozzarella appetizer was like dessert, drowned in sweet strawberry sauce and just...not good.

      2. Let us not forget Applebee's and TGIFriday's, too. Actually, the Friday's is probably the best restaurant near Parx, which is pretty sad but in keeping about postings about Bensalem on Chowhound. We went to Toscana 52 for lunch one Saturday but we found out later we didn't get a lunch menu. We ordered sensibly from a very small portion of the extensive menu, but we feel Toscana ripped us off and we have never returned. It is very popular; if you are going for dinner you will not be surprised about the offerings and the prices on the menu and the food is pretty good. I haven't eaten at any of the restaurants currently in Parx but it might be worth at least checking them out.

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          There are three diners in the area as well.. Great American Pub and Diner across from Parx, an outlet of Michaels, and Club House Diner next to Nifty Fiftys.

          For me the best thing to eat in the Bensalem area is indian food. Outside of the King of Prussia area this area has the most indian restaurants concentrated in one area in greater Philadelphia. Aroma Grill, and Mirch Masala are the two biggest, though there are others as well. Thulasi, which is not on Street road, is a great South Indian restaurant and a great place to try Dosas.

        2. We've had meals with family at La Cena. Pretty good italian fare, nearby-ish

          1. I have family in the area and the only place I ever go to is Nifty Fifty's, everything else is just terrible. Its actually really good for burgers and fries. And they have a crazy variety of milkshakes and sodas. It is a chain but its really a mini-local chain.

            Nifty Fifty's
            4670 Route 42, Blackwood, NJ 08012

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              I second Mirch Masala-have had several good lunches(nice Buffet) and dinners there.

            2. There is also an OK sushi place - Fuji-san I believe - at Haltdeman and the Blvd

              1. I think there is also a Chickie & Pete's inside the Parx. I'm not a fan of their food other their crab fries, but lots of people seem to love their food.

                Chickie & Pete's
                183 US Highway 130, Bordentown, NJ 08505

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                  There is indeed a Chickie & Pete's there. And the noodle bar in the rear building at Parx isn't bad either. Not authentic by any means, but not a bad option compared to the chains in the area. -mJ

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                    I work nearby. Agree that Toscana is the best of the chains. We take work friends there for lunch on occassion & it's consistently good. Best restaurant in the area is Blue Sage, vegetarian & about 10-20 minute drive from Parx depending upon hour of day.

                2. I haven't been there yet, but there's a Tijuana Flats Burrito Company right around that area. Unfortunately, it's also a chain.

                  1. Yes, my family accidentally found a Chinese restaurant called the Tokyo Sushi Hibachi & Supreme Buffet nearby. Their foods were decent and full of variety, i.e. sushi, grill, seafood, vegetables, salad, dessert and fruit. The interior design of this place was extravagant. Its cherry-red wood furniture made this place look like a dining hall of three stars Hotel.

                    Another unique figure of this place was that it also gave you the atmosphere of Sports Bar. Three cable TVs hanged on the wall and the customers could watch their favorite programs as they were dinning in.

                    There were plenty of parking space outside the restaurant which were shared with the BIG K-Mark. By the way, by pure luck, we got a chance of looking at the beauty sky of Northeast Philly through the bay windows of restaurant. This was a bonus point that we didn't expect.

                    Food Doctor

                    1. The Tokyo Sushi and Hibachi Buffet is inexpensive. The wait staff are friendly and the food is plentiful and good. It's an all you can eat buffet with Asian and American food, and the lunch buffet is so cheap you can eat as little as you want ( a soup and salad for example) and still get value for your money. Or you can pig out for the same price. It can also be a quick in and out so if you want lunch or dinner fast it's ideal. On Street road in Bensalem