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Feb 19, 2011 08:41 AM

Stellar sushi at Shumai

I spent 2hrs at the sushi bar at Shumai it is still the Best sushi in NJ and in the top 5 in the US,I and the boss placed ourselves in the hands of Ike and jack the following are just a sample of a few of there masterpiece creations spec ramen soup, grilled toro salad,fresh lobster w yuzu relish,warmed toro sushi,king crab w pickled radish,clam muscle,monkfish liver w spice tuna sans mayo,silken salmon belly, this was only a sampling.These guys left to their own will provide as good or better Japanese sushi experience than any high end place in NYC at half the cost,we are truly blessed to have this place in NJ all would do well to treat yourselves do set at the bar and sit back and relax.

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  1. I believe you mean shumi, and yes - Ike and jack are great guys and the sushi is top notch for new jersey (definitely our favorite) . But top five in the us is quite the

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      Agreed - Shumi in Somerville is excellent and the best I have found in NJ ... but I don't think I'd place it in a national top 5.

      While NYC has some very good sushi places (over the last few years I've become a fan of 15 East, in particular), if you haven't spent time in Los Angeles, you might be surprised at the greater frequency of really good sushi that can be had. The expectations and standards of the general sushi eating public are higher there, and most sushi restaurants are owned / operated by Japanese folks.

      Shumi Restaurant
      30 S. Doughty Ave., Somerville, NJ 08876

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        15 east is our favorite in NYC as well!!!

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          please give more info on east15, top 5 may be an exageration I really am not familiar w too many LA places I will say I spent 2 wks. in Hawaii ate at about at the top Places and Ike still in the top five. I have a place in the city and will go to east 15 asap

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            Check out the Chowhound Manhattan board for more info on 15 East.

            15 East Restaurant
            15 East 15th Street, NYC (1 block west of Union Square Park)

    2. Had our usual stellar sushi at Danny's in Red Bank Friday nite. It's the best down here.

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        JustJake - I think many may debate with you whether Danny's offers the best sushi in this part of the state. IMHO, that distinction goes to Kanji.