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Feb 19, 2011 08:27 AM

RAMEN in Old City! Monday night only. Who is going to Khyber's Japanese night?

Have you guys checked out the menu for Monday nights Ramen/ Japanese Izakaya "pop up" dinner? The menu looks awesome. We need something like this in Philly, I have been craving hakata ramen. And kara-age fried chicken is always awesome.

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  1. I want to go. But. I work past KOPrussia 9 to 9 pm. I know it says "til 1 am" . But, ugh that's a long day. Wish Again there was permanent good ramen somewhere round here.....

    1. I'll be there! I'm on a constant hunt for ramen in the city... made it to Morimoto's at lunch only once (since I work in Conshohocken) and while it was delicious, I need a much more accessible option. Hoping to check out Doma's offering soon too.

      1. Well, what did everyone think?
        I was there at 4:45, got a table and promptly waited about an hour for the ramen. The kakuni sando took about 45min and the incredibly tiny mentaiko meshi took a long time too.

        The taste was good overall, but my bowl of ramen was missing ingredients that the other bowls had. I realized it only after finishing off another's bowl and I told the waiter, he thanked me for my input. You'd think that after an hour wait and serving me a mistake, someone should offer an apology at least?

        Oh well, at least I got to eat. My friends arrived at 6, were told a 3hr wait and then at 9 were told that everything was sold out. Ouch!

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          I know they did run out of food and the waits were a bit long, but its hard to accommodate such crazy crowds. I have never seen a buzz like that before, especially on twitter. The pork in the ramen was amazing. The chicken karage, boy choy, and both buns were really well done. It would be nice to see this menu in a real restaurant soon so we can all enjoy it without the wait!

          1. re: phillylunchjamie

            I'm with you on that, to have real ramen somewhere in the city would make me very happy.

            1. re: lost squirrel

              A ramen shop in Philly is pretty much my ultimate dream at this point. Is Morimoto's the best/only place to get it right now? I can only do Philly for lunch these days but I'm so tired of having to trek to NYC to get ramen & other Japanese noodles dishes....

              1. re: sockii

                Doma, Tampopo's West Philly location, Izumi (lunch only, I think)

                1. re: barryg

                  I'm no ramen expert, but the bowl I had at Izumi (with pork belly in it!) was quite yummy!!

                2. re: sockii

                  Morimoto's ramen is terrible. The broth is nothing like a real tonkotsu ramen, there's no thickness or collagen and furthermore it's bland and lacking seasoning. The noodles are nothing special either. It's bargain basement broth by Japanese standards.

                  I haven't tried the other places yet, but I hope something good shows up. The word in the Japanese community here is that the owner of Yakitori Boy is opening (or planning to open) a ramen shop somewhere on South St. I'll let you guys know what happens if I hear more.

                  1. re: lost squirrel

                    In the meantime, try Izumi at lunch. My ramen experience is limited to Ippudo in NYC so I'm not an expert but Izumi hits the spot.

                    1. re: Buckethead

                      Will do, I live pretty close to Izumi.

                      Ippudo in Japan is pretty good, not great but still very good. Next time I'm in NYC I'll try to get there.

          2. Well,, glad I didnt go. would not have gotten there til 10ish

            1. Yeah, we showed up at 6:30 and were also told a 3 hr wait (for a party of 2, at that). As much as we love ramen, my friend has a baby at home and I had work the next day, so we opted for Sichuan at Red Kings instead. Good thing we didn't wait - looks like we wouldn't have even gotten fed! I enjoyed Morimoto's ramen, for what it's worth. Big fan of Setagaya in Manhattan, too - haven't made it to Ippudo yet.