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Feb 19, 2011 06:40 AM

I'm going to China Pearl Woburn for Dim Sum this weekend ...

I will return with a full report, but in the meantime, what should I order? I am a sucker for clams in black bean sauce and shrimp noodles glazed with sweet soy. Any other suggestions? We tend to order hoggishly, so any suggestions welcome!

China Pearl Restaurant
288 Mishawum Rd, Woburn, MA 01801

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  1. shrimp on fried cruller (like a big shrimp toast)
    baked bbq pork puff (char siu so, something like )
    pan fried fish dumpling

    1. They usually have the clams up at a table you can bring your card to. They always have the shrimp noodles you mention. I like the fried triangular chive/shrimp pockets. Also they have on the fried cart what look like long thin spring roll but are just a shrimp in the middle.
      Sticky rice in lotus leaf (i dont care as much for the version they have not in the leaf)
      Fried taro dumplings with pork inside
      From the steam cart: The hargau, shumai, ribs. Sometimes they have a curry squid.
      The greens they come around with are usually good but sometimes a bit too much stalk.
      Depending how many you have, you can also get the panfried noodles 8 delight off the menu. Those are better than the noodles they have up at the table.
      Turnip cake if they have it.
      There is a really tasty baked pork turnover sometimes. It has a glazed top and is very flaky pastry.
      Buns with the yellow tops with the custard inside and the egg tarts for dessert. (gotta ask if the buns have filling cause some are empty)

      Dont go expecting the full Boston quality/qty and enjoy the free parking, no tolls, no wait(usually)

      1. Great suggestions above. I'm also really fond of the fried squid, if you can get it while it's still warm, and the round pan-fried shrimp & chive dumplings. Also can't resist playing with the coconut jello for dessert.

        Something else I appreciate is that I can easily get oolong tea (which I like) instead of just jasmine (which a lot of my DCs prefer). They'll even do a pot of each if they can; during busy times they can run out of teapots.

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          How'd you like it Swank?
          They also usually have periwinkles in black bean sauce, did you try them?

        2. Don't expect the full Chinatown quality/quantity may be a bit of an understatement. And as for the free parking, the lot was chaotic, overfull, and had two commercial plate vehicles in the handicap parking spots. We have a placard (for Ruby's Mom) and they didn't... And speaking of vehicles, if you drive one fitted out for biodiesel it might not be a bad idea to arrive with the tank on low and drain the runoff from dim sum into your fuel intake pipe.