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Feb 19, 2011 06:21 AM

Need some new everyday Speigelau wine glasses - red. Need recs

I am going to order some new Speigelau red wine glasses. It's been a while since I've ordered mine and there seem to be so many choices now on Amazon. Our current ones have a big bowl at the bottom, which we like, but we're not huge wine enthusiasts, so I wonder if that's the best overall red wine glass. A lot of red wine glass shapes don't look too different than white wine shapes to me, online anyway. Anyway, which shape/style do you think is best for an everyday wine glass?

By the way, is Amazon the best place price wise? Seemed to be to me. I tried Target online, but they wanted $130 for 8 of them, seemed pretty steep for what i assume is a lower quality model.

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  1. Having owned lots of Spiegelau stems (now owned by Reidel) as well as Reidel, I'll put in my ten cents worth that for "everyday" stems, the way to go is Schott Zweisel Tritan. They are titanium crystal and chip and break-resistant. (They certainly can break and will personally attest to that). The Tritans are as aesthetically pleasing as the Spiegelaus, have the same thin lip, come in varietally correct shapes, and also cost less in addition to being more durable. If I were to choose one red wine glass, it would be a basic Bordeaux glass with a large bowl. The Tritan Diva Bordeaux holds 28 oz, is 10 7/8" tall, and a set of six will run you $65 at IWA.

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      great advice. the schott tritans are far and away the best value. spiegelaus and reidels are both fragile; designed to break easily IMO so you have to replace them. the schotts are as well shaped, more durable and less expensive. for me a no brainer.

      for me the forte line is my favorite but you can check them out on the schott website. tyhe forte burgundy (16oz approx) is a good all around glass. if you prefer a bordeaux shape there is one with approx the same capacity. if you want a larger glass both shapes come in the larger size.

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        I just ordered some Schott Zweisel "Pure" series Tritan glasses from I got a little confused by all the different Schott Zweisel glasses, but apparently the Pure series is machine-made, lead-free, break resistant and has more shapes than some of the other series. I wanted to get various shapes for different wines and the appeal of is you can buy by the glass, rather than having to order 6 of one kind. For instance, I wanted some dessert wine glasses, but didn't need or want 6 of them. So, I mixed and matched glasses for Beaujolais (smaller than other red wine glasses), Burgundy, Sauvignon Blanc (don't ask me how this glass would be different, for instance, than a glass for Chardonnay) and Riesling (which is what they call their dessert wine glass). The glasses were $10.99 a piece except for the Riesling, which was $9.99. was one of the few places on the Internet that I found who was selling the break resistant Schott Zwiesels by the glass. Williams-Sonoma does sell Schott Zwiesel's high-priced handmade Enoteca glasses in sets of 2.

        I also ordered a set of 6 Schott Zwiesel Pure Bordeaux glasses from Amazon for $68.99 with free shipping since I did want 6 of those glasses.

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          HAH! I was looking at getting some Riedel. Then I was told by some that Spiegelau are more durable. Now yu guys are saying SZ are even more durable than the Riedel (their own) and Spiegelau. :) Guess it's time to look at SZ too.

          1. re: BDD888

            I used to have some Reidel Vinun series, but they all broke. It just wasn't worth it for me.

            I'm finding the shape of the Schott Zweisel "Pure" Bordeaux and Burgundy glasses to be a bit awkward and unbalanced (the other glasses are fine). Schott-Zweisel has so many lines that it is confusing, but, in the future, I would definitely go with one of Schott-Zweisel's other lines for Bordeaux and Burgundy glasses or look into the Spiegelau. One disadvantage of buying on the Internet,of course, is not getting to hold the glass in your hands.

        2. re: chefdilettante

          Agreed. Also, Riedel's vinum series. I invested heavily in Spieglau at one time but the glass is made of something lesser and they etch too soon--glass turns milky/fuzzed and hundreds of water droplets cling to the inside of the glass requiring hand-drying. (Which only rids you of water stains, not of the milky look.) Just bought a dozen new Riedels yesterday (paid $75, incl tax, for the restaurant-line cabernet size) and sent my few remaining Spieglaus to the Goodwill pile. I typically use everything until they die a natural death (break) but I couldn't say goodbye to the Spieglau's fast enough.

        3. I would look at IWA before ordering anywhere else. Have always gotten the best prices from there. My favorite stems for "all purpose" use is a Pinot glass. we drink more of them than Bordeaux and I think the glass is more versatile. It is a matter of personal taste, but I would go with a larger rather than a smaller bowl.

          1. I was gung-ho for Schott Zwiesel glasses for a while. I could tell they were sturdier than others, but I still managed to break most of them. Still have a set of S-Z Forte burgundy stems.

            Lately I've found some Libbey (!) wine glasses with a good shape that are relatively thin. If I'm going to break them anyway, I might as well break $2.50 glasses as $10 ones.

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              in my area, a good source for the Libbey glasses is World Market (used to be Cost Plus).
              they offer the glasses at $2/ea regular price and often run coupon ads for an additional $10 off your total order if you buy a combination of at least $30 worth of their goods (excluding alcohol).

            2. Check out If you're not a member try for an invite.
              They have some Schott Zwiesel Tritan Classico Crystal Wine Glasses (12) for $99. But, if you're looking to score a better deal, go to (NYC deals) and get a $60 voucher for for $25 - good for another 4 days (I've bought multiples a few days ago so you can get $120 of credit for $50). FYI - I've received my orders from Lot18, and I have 2 more on the way.

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              1. re: HunterJay

                Thanks for the Lot18 invite. It looks interesting but could you provide some insight as to the types and price range of their offerings..... AND whether signing up brings an avalanche of emails. Thanks.

                1. re: Midlife

                  I get about one e-mail a day whenenver they put new stuff on. So far no junk emails. Typically 90+ rated wines from $16 - $50 bottle (so far) that retail for (est) 25-$90 bottle. Shipping is included on 4 or more bottles, though they have done some 0.01 shipping in the past. I've ordered 4 different wines from them and all came within 10 days (shipped to my work).
                  For me I use it to pick up some higher priced wines I wouldn't normally get (and not feel too guilty about drinking them).

              2. If you have a Crate & Barrel around you might want to check out their line of wine glasses. They have some nicely made ones (well shaped, thin lip, no seam on the stem) generally of Czech, Slovak or Polish manufacture. None seem to be more than $10 ea.