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Feb 19, 2011 04:49 AM

Mongolian food central NJ

I just found out that the Round Grill in New Brunswick closed down. Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can go for good Mongolian food?

Round Grill
1 Penn Plz Ste 3, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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  1. Lee's Mongolian BBQ
    706 Route 70 (Shoprite Shopping Center)
    Brick, NJ 08723
    (732) 262-0002

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    1. re: Tapas52

      Had dinner there a few months ago. It's not bad.

      1. re: Tapas52

        Mom and I stopped there today as were in Brick during lunch. It was seriously good, clean, fresh, FRIENDLY. We really really loved it.

        1. re: Quine

          It also restored our faith in CH recommendations after the most nasty bad meal we had at Nobi based on the love it gets on this board.

      2. Just there actually anything Mongolian about these round griddle joints?

        Edit: Found the answers in this Wiki:

        1. Have not eaten here, but saw that Super Star East Buffet in Princeton does a Mongolian BBQ. It is right next to the Sams Club in the Nassau Park Shopping Center.

          Super Star East Buffet
          311 Nassau Park Blvd, Princeton, NJ 08540

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          1. re: madgreek99

            Haven't had the mongolian BBQ there, but the buffet is actually pretty good, with more unusual (i.e. less americanized) Chinese dishes mixed in with the usual ones.

          2. There used to be Mongolian grill places in Millburn on Millburn Ave and in Garwoood on South Ave, but I don't know if either is still there....