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The Cheese Cave, Red Bank

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732 842-0796
14 Monmouth Street,
Red Bank, NJ 07701

Grand opening of new cheese shop in Red Bank today.
Monmouth Street is becoming quite the culinary food pantry!

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  1. Thanks. I drove by a week or so ago and was looking forward to seeing what they would do. I doubt, I'll be up there for a while. If you have a chance to stop in, perhaps you could let us know a bit more about the place? (Their website needs some attention.)

    Now, Monmouth Street just needs a bakery (sometimes you want bread and not just bagels) and someplace with a decent beer selection (store not bar) and I'll be all set.

    1. Will they make their own Cheeses on site also?

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        Unclear if the workshops will be demonstration or hands on. I hope to learn more later today.

        1. re: HillJ

          Nice credentials.....sounds interesting and fun!

      2. is this in the space formerly occupied by the newsstand?

        I cannot wait to check it out

        1. Let me start by saying great people own this new gem in Red Bank. Real down to earth nice people who are knowledgeable and really care. Now for the real important part;
          Yes you will sample and learn about any of there cheeses,cured meats etc. And they can devise a perfect meal or pairings etc with expert advice.. This is what I purchased;
          1)A crusty loaf of bread that was so proper and right. It comes from a bakery in Staten Island and it was a very very fair price of $3. I have paid more for ALOT less in so called 'salumeria's'.
          2)Finnicchiona ( a dried salami with hints of fennel ) , this was outright special, it is a hard product to find and this is priced fairly at $14.95/ lb. Craving this one already
          3)Roasted yellow tomatoes; I might never have another "sundried tomato" again after having these juicy ,marinated variation of a sundried. This complimented our bread and cheeses,and made it a complete meal for us. Outstanding! I crave them bigtime..
          4)A 4 yr Gouda that was so right, wtih crystaline explosions of love, melted like caramel in your mouth. Fairly priced @ $18.95 /lb. I am no expert but I am sure Whole Foods is more.
          5)Truffle Tremor; a truffle laced goat cheese. Not my favorite but my wife & friend loved it.
          6) And now for the grand finale: "Burrata" , when the owner Stephen told me had Burrata, I think my reaction scared him. If you like 'good' Mozzarella, like when it is still warm and made that day. Then take that and times it by 100. Burrata is very hard to find ,and harder to find one that is proper. This folks is heaven in a 8 oz package...Creamy goodness, just superb.
          So there you have it a full food orgy and delicious meal. We shared this with another couple and they could not get over how good everything was. They have never had Burrata nor Finnocchiona before this and now can not wait to frequent this gem in Red Bank.
          Pro's; Friendly normal owners, priced right they dont gorge you like most 'specialty shops' in our area, clean store, great selection.
          Con's; Honestly can not come up with one .
          I hope it stays that way ,and really hope this place survives. I will do my best.

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            Brillant review, TS. Thank you for illustrating your purchases.
            Question: any word on workshops/classes yet?

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              Answering my own question here, since I started the OP to offer info, I just called over to the Cheese Cave a few mins ago to inquire about workshops, demos, tastings and other in-store events and the answer is yes to all of the above. A calendar of events will be avail in about a month and includes plans to partner with other RB business owners. Stay tuned.

            2. re: Tom Sawyer

              Great report, Tom, and my mouth was watering the whole time I was reading it.

              As someone who's previously posted on this board about the delight of and search for burrata, I'd be interested to know whether this was the real deal from Puglia or some domestic version. Also, what their replenishment frequency will be.

              Sickles Market brings in the imported burrata from Italy and I've enjoyed it several times. (They get it bi-weekly during the summer, and perhaps less regularly during other months.) The Gourmet Library (part of the Wine Library) in Springfield sometimes carries both imported and domestic varieties, but I've not tried the latter.

              I also have introduced friends and family to burrata, and it's always a revelation of eye-opening pleasure!

              Wine Library
              586 Morris Avenue, Springfield, NJ 07081

              Sickles Market
              1 Harrison Avenue, Little Silver, NJ 07739

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                The Cave's Burrata is from California, and I am not a expert in the world of Burrata ,however my buddy is an expert since he has been to Italy many a time. He and I went last night and he confirmed it is "absoulutely $@#%! perfect" . He has his own blog and took pics of alot of products we purchased last night. Plus he took pics of the interior of the store etc.. I am sure he will post it on his blog soon, and I know he will have it on his Facebook page for sure. In case ur interested here is the blog link: http://blog.afoodobsession.com/
                The cheese cave is open late this week due to Red Bank Dine out month fyi.

                1. re: Tom Sawyer

                  thanks for the props TS...the burrata at this Cheese Cave is amazing..great assortment of cheeses and all types of proper and interesting accompaniments..including good bread from Staten Island! Next trip i will be getting some of the Alpine Cheese selections, the Comte', the Vacherin, the Raclette, some hard core Swiss cheeses..

                  1. re: afoodobsessioin

                    I apologize for my confusion, but shouldn't burrata be consumed within 48 hours of it being produced? If so, unless it's overnighted, how is it consumed "fresh" if it comes from California?

                    1. re: bgut1

                      go there and you can report back to all of us.. and educate us

                      1. re: bgut1

                        Hey bgut1 - I didn't know about the 48-hour rule, but my experience has been that it certainly does lose its *best* qualities after a few days - at least with the cheese from Italy. I've pushed it to a week from its "made on" date and have still enjoyed it. This caused my eyebrow to arch with some skepticism when the cheese monger at the Gourmet Library (Wine Library) in Springfield told me last year that the burrata he brings in from California has a longer "shelf life" and is good for about a month! after it's made. He thought it was pretty good quality too, but I haven't tried it, and I don't know what cheese-magic gives it the long life. I wonder if the burrata at The Cheese Cave is from the same producer... (and I'd be very interested to find out how they work this magic given the praise on this page from Tom Sawyer and afoodobsessioin.)

                        1. re: njfreqflyer

                          nj - Here is another site that notes that "ideally" burrata should be consumed within 48 hours. I too would be skeptical about a one month shelf life. I would be interested to know what the people at the Cheese Cave think.


                          1. re: bgut1

                            save your skepticism, i'd run back and by more in a heartbeat. I've had lots of them from Italy (bot here inthe US) and more often than not, they are sour. I've had it in Italy, yes in Puglia, and in Basilicata, and in Campania, and in Tuscany, and in Venezia, i've had it at Pizzeria Mozza in LA, and various restaurants here in NYC, at EATALY...when it's good it's fabulous..this creamy little pouch made by DiStefano in California, without the addition of any commercial or artificial ingredients is awesome. I've also had fresh burrata in London. When it's proper it's just the best thing ever, like the fresh Stracchino in Central and Northern Italy. You can order it online from DiStefano. I think the fact that the Cheese Cave SELLS the product is indicative of what they think of it's shelf life.

                            1. re: afoodobsessioin

                              I went on to Distefano's website to prove a point to a friend, I could not believe the shipping charges; "All product ships Next Day Air"

                              All shipments outside of California and Las Vegas, NV:
                              $65.00 for up to 6 lbs
                              $150.00 for 6lbs and over.....
                              So basically I can take a Limo to Red Bank and still be ahead of the game.
                              Looking foward to hearing about the skeptics experience. I am sure they will enjoy.

                2. re: Tom Sawyer

                  +1 for an excellent experiance at The Cheese Cave. My wife, son and I stopped in Sunday and everyone was super nice and helpful. Got 3 pieces of delicious cheese i'd never heard of before. My 9 month old even loved the piece of chedder cheese we gave him.

                  1. re: Mr. Bingley

                    stopped in last night. nice folks working there, picked up a nice cheddar, brie and stilton. i *hope* they're able to get enough traffic to make it.

                  2. Did anyone happen to notice if they had Lardo?

                    1. Stopped in last night (Tuesday) to pick up some of that domestic burrata, but they were all out... So I had to make do with taking home a nice cheddar and a spanish blue (valdeon).

                      FYI: New burrata comes in on Thursdays.

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                      1. re: njfreqflyer

                        Got some of the burrata and it tasted fresh and sweet and good. Also picked up some of those roasted yellow tomatoes - good call! Also the fennel salumi was wonderful.

                        I like this place a lot. They carry some fine gourmet brands, including Fran's chocolates that I buy mail order from a lot.

                        I hear that soon they will be making sandwiches to take out as well.

                        1. re: seal

                          Do you mean Fran's chocolates from WA? I love that place ever since my best friend who lives in Seattle introduced that to me! If it is really Fran's that I am talking about, how is the selection? I was going to take a trip just for the burrata but I guess, but this will definitely give me another reason. BTW, anyone knows if I can reserve the burrata? I just do not want to drive over there and found out that they are all gone....

                          1. re: HelenB

                            Has anyone tried the specialty sandwiches the cheese cave is now serving? I saw last weeks selection ( I think it changes weekly) and it made my mouth water. I have never been but am planning on heading over there this week. Im also wondering if it's just take out or if there's a place to sit down and eat these gooey cheesy pieces of heaven?!

                            1. re: stack_c

                              I've never been there, but I'm sure it is a sit down place, since they had (have?) a special event on Fridays, a fixed price sampling.

                              1. re: cantkick

                                Actually the sampling is a stand & taste event. I recall one table with two chairs against the wall but The Cheese Cave is a takeout place. Their sandwiches are delicious, both customized and board specials. Last time I ordered there it was a fig and ashed goat cheese melt and it was killer good.

                            2. re: HelenB

                              There are more and more tables popping up at The Cheese Cave - they are hoppin' and poppin'! I've had 2 different sandwiches there so far - I prefer the straight up grilled cheeses with Irish Cheddar better than the more exotic combinations of cheese, soppressata and fig jam. They certainly manage to have something for everyone. I'm a huge fan of the soppressata - aka "pork butter". It's a little slice of heaven!