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Under the Oak cooking classes

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After attending two different cooking classes at Under the Oak http://www.undertheoakcafe.com/ I can say they are terrific. I've attended other classes and chef David Salvatore is among the best. He has a great ability to demonstrate and explain all levels of cooking in a fun and friendly way without dumbing anything down. He's clearly an accomplished chef and makes great food which includes some student participation.

You're given handouts with detailed recipes and explanations and a pencil to take notes. Salvatore shares easy and useful chef's tricks and tells you where and why to buy certain ingredients. When he explains the science behind some of the cooking it's interesting and makes sense. Our classes included people just learning to cook and advanced home cooks and everyone said they learned a lot.

The rest of the staff and the owners are friendly and you can tell they all enjoy being there. They provide white and red wine but a lot of the people who attended brought their own.

I think we were there 2-3 hours which flew by. You eat, drink, socialize and leave a better cook. Chef Salvatore is a CIA grad who worked in France but is down to earth, good natured and has a genuine easy sense of humor. He has a passion for cooking the foods he makes and gives credit when he teaches a recipe he got from someone else.

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  1. Couldn't agree more. We took a Thai cooking class last month; it was great. The class was demonstration rather than hands on, but still learned a lot. Chef David is very talented - went to their Chef's table this past Friday & everything was excellent.