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Feb 19, 2011 03:11 AM

Harbor Springs/Petoskey MI: New York Restaurant

We were on a ski trip at Nubs Nob and drove into Harbor Springs for dinner - wow, Harbor Springs is really mellow in winter time, not many people around - and had a fantastic meal at the New York Restaurant I am not sure why it is called "The New York" because the menu and decor really has nothing to do with NYC. They've got a huge wine list, reasonably priced, and lots of Michigan wines on it in addition to California, Italy and France. We enjoyed the special appetizer which was mussels and the best I have tasted in years. Also, the whitefish was wonderful with a pecan crust. We also tried the rosemary chicken, which was flavorful and moist and scallops, which were garlicy and served with linguine. I'd definitely dine there was delicious. Keep it in mind for this summer!

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  1. Testimony that there are terrific dining opportunities in northern lower Michigan! Thanks for the report, moms.

    1. Chandler's is a great restaurant in Petoskey. It's been a couple of years since we were there, but at that time they also owned the wine store across the plaza--all bottles were $10 over their retail. Every table had a bottle--and the food was wonderfully prepared.

      1. The website offers a History page which explains (kind of) the "New York" name:

        re: "mellow" - That's a nice way to put it! ;)