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Feb 18, 2011 10:12 PM

Heads up--Darda Fremont

The crummy-looking Chinese buffet next to Chatpata Corner on Ardenwood in Newark seems to have gone under, and a new place is being readied--"Darda Fremont". I assume connected with the Milpitas one?

As of a week or two ago, still under construction.

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  1. Cool, pls keep us posted on progress. Darda had a Fremont branch, briefly.

    1. It's been open for a few weeks. Indeed the same as Milpitas Darda. I went once and had a nice cumin lamb and sesame-onion bread. There are a lot of interesting-sounding things on the menu, but I can't tell from the translations which are specialties and which are generic Chinese-American food for suckers. I asked, and got nothing useful. My dining companion asked in Mandarin, and the waitress suggested the hot and sour soup. So, unless you overcome some cultural barriers or know the dishes well, you're on your own. I think there's worthwhile things here, so I'll be curious to hear if anyone finds anything good.

      FYI, we had a similar experience in the Darda in Milpitas Square; aforementioned companion asked which were the specialties and/or Islamic-Chinese dishes, and they would only suggest cumin lamb. (Which was the one thing I could figure out on my own, though it's at least a better suggestion than hot and sour soup for someone who didn't know about cumin lamb!) The result being that we ate elsewhere...

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        I had a meal at Darda recently and rank it asa okay, but not destination worthy. The cumin lamb was quite good--very thin slices compared to what I've been served elsewhere, with decent spicing. I wasn't that excited by the knife-shaved noodle chow fun. The noodles didn't have a very firm texture, and the dish overall was rather bland, though overall decent for chow fun. I enjoyed the "double skin" (it's listed under the cold dishes as something like bean sheets, with a star for spicy, though the only spiciness comes from the mustard).