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Feb 18, 2011 09:46 PM

Looking for best eats Orlando

We're heading to Orlando next week to watch the shuttle launch. I wasn't too excited about the food we'd get on the trip until I started reading more of the posts here.

I'm wondering what is some Must Have food we should get in the Orlando area and where is the best place to get it?
I'm thinking Cuban, Stone Crabs, BBQ, Fried Chicken, Red Velvet cake? Not sure if i'm totally off the mark but am open to any ideas and suggestions.

So far I have a reservation at The Ravenous Pig and was thinking Bubbalou's bbq, Big Fin Seafood Kitchen, Rolando's. We have 2 kids with us so didn't want anything too formal but don't mind driving if the food is worth it. We'll be there for 1 week so have many meals to cover.

Thanks for your help!

Big Fin Seafood Kitchen
8046 Via Dellagio Way, Orlando, FL 32819

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  1. Where are you staying? Helps with recommendations as Orlando is spread out like LA

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      We're staying near the airport for 2 nights and then near Sea World the rest of our stay. We're willing to drive up to an hour if the food is That good.

    2. Also 4 Rivers in Winter Park for BBQ if you get a chance, out door seating only a little bit of a line but its not bad.

      Near Sea world area

      Cuban - Padrinos in Hunters creek Villages off of John Young.

      If you want an authentic cafe and bakery Fortuna off of John Young, they serve breakfast and lunch and baked goods, the menu is in spanish but they will help you out.

      1. A couple of other places that are closer to you and might be good with 2 kids:

        1. Cafe tutu tango: I-drive tapas style with live artists and entertainment.
        2. Taverna Opa: Med/Greek atmosphere. In Pointe Orlando on I-drive.
        3. Tchuop Chop(sp?) - emerils place at one of the hotels at Universal Studios (some people here don’t like it but I've always had great food)

        1. 4rivers BBQ - I would DEF suggest this over Bubbalous...though if u near bubbalous it is OK.
        2. Bongos at Downtown Disney - I feel like this has the best food at downtown Disney if you there...good for lunch or dinner. Touristy though.

        And lastly...I always recommend this to anyone coming to Orlando for a week- go to park ave in winter park (near Rav pig) and walk around. Many good places to eat for lunch or dinner (my favorites are Trattoria Tuscona or Bosphorous) and a great way to get away from the theme park areas.