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Feb 18, 2011 04:38 PM

Lake George area/Queensbury--Le Roux

Drove past today--sign says chef-owner, small cute place. Anyone been there?

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  1. Haven't been there so can't make a recommendation. It's the old Cherry Tomato restaurant. However, if you Google Le Roux Queensbury, there are some reviews available. Good luck.

    Cherry Tomato
    668 State Route 149, Lake George, NY 12845

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      Thanks. The on-line reviews seem quite favorable, and the menu is available at its site. I like that they offer half-plates of most items. I'll have to check it out in June!

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          Not yet. Still unpacking and trying to get ready for Thanksgiving with the family. Will report when life settles down. Just hope it's before winter sets in!

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            Had an early dinner there tonight. He had onion soup and shrimp wrapped in speck with a ravioli. I had sea scallops with asparagus wrapped in proscuitto with mashed potato and peas and an apple tart with pistachio ice cream. It was very good. The pinot grigio was crisp, and the dining rooms charming. The food is rich, so the small plates were just right. Our bill was just over $50, or about what it used to cost us in Manhattan for lunch! They are open year round now, so we will be returning customers.

      1. Talk about out of the way places... there is no way we would have known about this place if we hadn't stumbled across it on the internet. Located at the intersection of Bay Road and State route 149, between Glens Falls/Queensbury and Lake George, this is not a route that we would ever have had a reason to travel.

        Cute from the outside and even nicer inside. The first thing we noticed was the friendliness of the staff and hostess. You have a warm welcoming feeling the moment you enter.

        Started with a pint of Ubu ($6) from the 8 craft beers available on tap and a glass of Brancott Sauvignon Blanc ($8.50). For appetizers we had the evening's salad special which included pea greens, fresh basil, heirloom tomatoes, and mozzarella (small portion $8, full $15) and the Pommes Frites ($6.50 small potion, $12 full). It is really nice that so much of their menu offers two sizes as servings. However, I have to say that if the Pommes Frites serving I received was in fact small, I can only imagine their regular size serving. These are truly "gourmet" french fries - truffled pommes frites with pesto and spicy aioli. I don't know what they think pesto is, but it is not what you typically find in an Italian restaurant. I would have to say it was a "deconstructed" pesto and absolutely delicious. And the aioli?... some secret Creole-like spices in the mayo give it just enough zip so that the staff call it "amazing sauce."

        For entrees we chose two more small servings. Wild Atlantic Salmon ($13.50/$26) and Petite Osso Bucco ($13.50/$26). The seared salmon was served with roasted, purple fingerling potato salad tossed with garlic pickles and crispy proscuitto, and also served with arugula and a garden herb vinaigrette. Everything was so flavorful and the salmon cooked to perfection (chef's recommendation of med-well).

        The Osso Bucco was startling at first sight since the pieces of bone with meat couldn't have been more than 1 inch tall. There were two in the small portion and we wondered if the full portion had larger bones or just more of the same size. But then we realized that the name of the dish did say "petite!" The meat almost fell off the bone, and was flavorful along with the roasted tri-color cauliflower, braised mire poix mashed potatoes, and lotus chips, all served with a veal reduction sauce.

        Having dined on the smaller portions left us with just enough room for dessert. There were four sample displays brought to our table by our friendly and knowledgeable server, Hannah. It was a tough decision between them, but we finally settled on the Cabernet Blackberry Sorbet ($7) with mixed berry compote, and the Blueberry Rice Pudding ($7) with cinnamon spiced blueberries and chocolate shavings. Each measured up to their description, went well with a Cappuccino ($4.25), and were a comforting end to an overall excellent dining experience.

        This was a great find for us and we'll be returning to try some of the dishes that we saw being prepared from our open-kitchen-side table. Even the burgers looked exceptional. FDR, you need to add this to your to-do list.