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Deep Fried Whole Chickens

reality check Feb 18, 2011 04:33 PM

Any place sell deep fried whole chickens?

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    Petey McNichols Feb 18, 2011 08:23 PM

    Deep fried whole chicken is a pretty standard staple in Korean pubs. 90% of the nightlife spots in Koreatown have deep fried whole chicken on the menu. There's a place on 3rd and Vermont that has a pretty good one, Neon sign, middle of the block on the south side of Third.I forget the name though. Cafe Prince has a pretty good version. Catalina Ave and 7th. Happy hunting.

    Cafe Prince
    301 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020

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    1. re: Petey McNichols
      reality check Feb 18, 2011 08:34 PM

      Maybe I should explain, I want a whole chicken that is intact, not cut up.

      I thought about calling a couple places that deep fry turkey and asking if they would deep fry a whole chicken.

      1. re: reality check
        NYCnowLA Feb 18, 2011 08:44 PM

        i'll repeat. Honey Kettle Chicken has a WHOLE fried chicken NOT cut up. It is in fact, INTACT.

        1. re: NYCnowLA
          reality check Feb 18, 2011 09:23 PM

          I wasn't talking to you. Look who I replied to, in that message about wanting whole chickens. Those Korean pubs cut up the whole chicken.

          1. re: reality check
            Petey McNichols Feb 19, 2011 11:27 AM

            Actually depends on where you go. The Korean pubs cut the chicken up and also keep them whole. The actual dish is translated "whole chicken". I'm sure a place that can deep fry a turkey would probably be willing to do a chicken. Good luck!

            1. re: Petey McNichols
              reality check Feb 19, 2011 12:15 PM

              I've been to three Korean pubs in LA, each one we ordered the fried chicken and all were cut up. Non of us who went to to the pub, speak Korean, so it's not like somebody made a special request.

              I called Bludso's since they deep fry turkey, but they do not do chicken. Oh well, there is Honey Kettle.

    2. n
      NYCnowLA Feb 18, 2011 07:52 PM

      Honey Kettle Chicken does a whole one.

      1. monku Feb 18, 2011 05:17 PM

        Chinese fried chicken is a whole chicken deep fried and cut up.

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        1. re: monku
          reality check Feb 18, 2011 06:49 PM

          You're right. But, I don't want it cut up and I want more seasoning than what you get at Chinese restaurants.

          1. re: reality check
            monku Feb 18, 2011 07:07 PM

            I've seen people order Dino's (1/2) chicken deep fried at the Main Street location.

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