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Feb 18, 2011 03:41 PM

double ovens?

redoing the ktichen and want to put in a double oven. anyone know anything about the freestanding ones that come w/ a full oven and then that mini one as the 2nd oven? wondering what the quality of the cooking/baking is from those mini ovens.

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  1. We had one, which was basically advertised as a (frozen) pizza oven. We never used it.

    1. I put one in a year ago and really like it. We use the top smaller oven 90% of the time and the bottom oven when we need two different temps for baking. It really come in handy when your trying to cook a pie and roast or turkey at the same time...........

      1. I used to have a similar setup on a range. The only problem is that the elements are close to what you are cooking. This is especially a problem with high sugar items like muffins or cakes. I used to preheat my oven about 50 degrees too high so that when I put muffins in the element wouldn't come on right away and less in the overall cooking time and it seemed to work. I used that oven quite a bit.

        1. Not sure what you mean by a mini oven but when I remodeled I got a 36" dual fuel with a large oven and in a separate area of the kitchen had a stack with a 24" oven and microwave installed.

          For practically all of my baking and most of my everyday roasting I use the 24" oven because it heats faster and is more energy efficient. OTOH, I absolutely need my big 36" oven for holidays and special events.

          This may not be what you're talking about but it works for me.

          1. I own this range and it fits what you were inquiring about. The smaller oven works just fine. It's good for things like mac and cheese and roasted veggies.