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Feb 18, 2011 03:35 PM

Tuscany Help....Home Base - Lucignano

My family and I have a villa rental in Lucignano for a week in early May.

Can you give me comments on restaurants listed below that I am considering:

Il Goccino
La Rocca
Osteria La Porta
Ristorante Le Chiavi d'oro
Osteria Acquacheta

What other places should I be looking at?

Also, any winery recommendations would be great.


Osteria La Porta
loc. Monticchiello,Via del Piano,1, Pienza, Tuscany 53026, IT

La Rocca
Via Matteotti, 15-17, Lucignano, Tuscany , IT

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  1. Near your villa is the not-so-special town of Sinalunga; go through it to the fabulous Locanda dell' Amorosa. Its ristorante specializes in fish (usual for the inland area) with most of the herbs and veggies comes from its own gardens. The best wine tasting we ever had-ever-was in the Enoteca La Fortezza in Montalcino. We were led in a three-hour tasting of Brunelli from the four regions around the town. In general, a regional enoteca has most of the wines of the area available by the glass. Greve has an enoteca devoted to Chiani.

    1. Here are some places near you

      Lucignano is a cute town - da Toto has partisans on this board and if you search you will find the reviews

      In my opinion you will want to be looking for lunch rather than dinner restaurants since you will most likely be at home at your villa in the evening. so your eating will be largely directed by where you want to travel during the day. By the way Monte San Savino is a very nice town to visit and do your marketing. I have fond recollections of staying at Castello di Gargonza when we had young kids, eating a simple meal and looking at the stars and smelling the cedars at night. Do buy some local olive oil , some of the nice sheep cheese and enjoy the local wines - doesnt have to be fancy.

      Da Toto
      Piazza del Tribunale, 6, Lucignano, Tuscany 52046, IT

      Osteria Acquacheta (Osteria dell'Acquacheta
      )Via del Teatro, 22, Montepulciano, Tuscany , IT

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      1. re: jen kalb

        There are two towns with the name of Lucignano in Tuscany. One is nearer to Buonconvento and is Lucignano d'Asso (never been) and the other is not all that far from Arezzo -- where I have been and which I would never describe as "cute," but I often hear that term used about many Italian destination I would never call "cute," so the word must mean something to other people it doesn't mean to me. I would describe the Lucignano near Arezzo as having real architectural punch.

        I ate 3 dinners at da Toto in the middle of winter and I quite enjoyed them, although I will say that I've yet to meet the Tuscan meat dish I like. (I eat mostly fish and vegetables anyway). What I particularly liked at da Toto were its soup primi -- one was essetially a puree of potatoes and rosemary that was incredibly simple and rated the praise of "divine!", The other was a muddle of eggs and tomato pulp and I think bread, but just a bit richer than the usual Tuscan version of tomoato-bread soup. Anyway, it was just wonderful, but I tend to think you've find different delights in May.

        The food I ate at da Toto is very, very homey, which is why I liked it. They also produce their own wines, which I found a revelation. It was more like a condiment to the dinner -- another dish, or a food in itself -- rather than something you use to "wash down" your meal (another turn of phrase I don't understand!). A white wine and a red wine were, unlabeled and uncorked, were left on the table. You drank what you wanted, and that's it. I can always tell when I really like a wine because I drink less of it. with my meal, and don't get drunk on it. At da Tota, I poured a bit of each, just enough to finish the courses. Great stuff.

        Finally, home-made desserts were nice as well and usually consisted of misshapen but delicious cookies, but I'm sure they probably have fancier stuff if you request it. (I seldom meet the Italian dessert I like either).

        They have adorable children and dogs at da Toto, and a kind of covered garden for outdoor eating, but no views, because they are well-inside the walled town.

        1. re: barberinibee

          Lucignano (the one where da Toto is) is a fairly small and nice hill town, thats what I meant by "cute". Not so full of attractions as some others but also not so full of tourists so it has a local feel.

          the chianti from the area is enjoyable and unpretentious.
          bb , great report.
          just a suggestion - when you write a full review like you did, you might want to check the review box and then use the pulldown manage links menu to select the name of the restaurant. your writeup will then show in the review box on a restaurant's restaurant page. Of course interacting with that part of the site is totally optional

          1. re: barberinibee

            Thank you for the report.

            I am absolutely delighted that another hound has discovered the "homey" delights of Da Toto. I don't think they actually produce their own wines. It is just that the house wines, which are excellent, are stored in barrels and not bottles. I particularly like the white but you cann't go far wrong for a local red in Tuscany!

            Da Toto
            Piazza del Tribunale, 6, Lucignano, Tuscany 52046, IT

          2. re: jen kalb

            Dear Jen,

            How wonderful to find out that you know Lucignano. (In Arezzo.) I had no idea!

          3. Be sure to go to the search box in the upper right hand corner of this page and do searches for Montalcino, PIenza, Montepulciano, San Quirico, Arezzo, Cortona, etc. You will find there have been a number of suggestions and recommendations for place to dine in this area,

            I and others have recommended Il Rosselino, a small restaurant in Pienza.

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            1. re: DavidT

              There are a number of great places to eat in Pienza, which is well worth a visit.

              I have been rather negative about Il Rosselino in the past but Mrs T and I tried it again last summer to give them a chance. It was a deeply weird experience but the food was actually fantastic. Best steak I have ever eaten in Italy and, more important if you want authentic, the best tomato sauce as well!

              They also keep a superb cellar - literally a cellar so that the wines are at a good temperature.

              1. re: Tuscanlover

                adding link

                Il Rosselino
                Piazza di Spagna, 4, Pienza, Toscana 53026, IT

            2. If I were you, I would stroll to Da Toto in Lucignano for dinner every night if you are looking for "the authentic Tuscan experience". (I assume that you will be out sightseeing during the day.)

              They do have a carte and a wine list but I would stick with the all-inclusive set meals and let chef Boris choose. (And I do mean all-inclusive!) See below.

              Mrs T and I were there in late May last year for the Maggiolata (which was fantastic) and we had the best roast pork (whole pig) we have ever had.

              Give my love to Boris, Marianna and Beatrice. Mi piacciono molto.

              Da Toto
              Piazza del Tribunale, 6, Lucignano, Tuscany 52046, IT

              1. In Montepulciano, Ristorante Le Logge del Vignola is excellent. Their Tuscan dishes have a creative touch and some interesting flavours. Service is very attentive and wine advice is great.

                If you speak enough Italian, across the valley from Montepulciano in Montefollonico, visit the Innocenti winery by appointment. If weather is good, you can sit outside on his terrace and look across the valley while drinking his excellent Vino Nobile.

                Osteria Acquacheta in Montepulciano is a casual, homey style spot with a traditional and limited Tuscan menu. I liked the food and atmosphere a lot but haven't been there for a couple of years.