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Feb 18, 2011 03:25 PM

Wine with Thai Food

What type of wine pairs well with Thai food? Going to a Thai restaurant Saturday night with another couple. We were designated to bring the wine. $10 - $25 range. Here is link to restaurant and their menu but, of course, I have no idea what anyone will order.

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  1. Wine with Thai is kinda tough because of the inherent sweetness of many of the dishes. I'd suggest a sparkler to lift the palate considering the oils and sugar but then if the wine where too dry it wouldn't be an effective partner. On the otherhand if it were sweeter it all might get cloying.
    Therefore I'd actually suggest beer such as saison or Belgian Pale Ale. The carbonation would provide the lift while the spice, tartness, and hoppiness would additionally contrast the oils and sugar.

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      not only is it tough because of the sweetness of some thai food, but often the food is also spicy and acidic.
      i second Chinon00's recommendation of beer or ale.

    2. I would probably pick a Gewurztraminer from Alsace ... Albrecht or Sparr or Trimbach are all around $18-20 at our local wine store.

      1. I agree Chininon and Westsidegal that beer would go better with Thai than wine, but the other folks in the party are not beer drinkers.
        I'm not sure that I think of Thai food as having predominently sweet flavors, perhaps because I tend to order from the spicier curries. Any other suggestions?

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          I'd go with a demi-sec sparkler - a little sweet, but not TOO sweet, and the sec to play off the oily and spicy.

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            "... perhaps because I tend to order from the spicier curries. Any other suggestions?"

            Like I wrote above, Gewurztraminer is often recommended for spicy dishes like Thai food ... here's a quote from this link: You can search for "gewurztraminer pairing" and you'll see dozens of similar recommendations ... Alsace makes the best Gewurtz, I think.

            "Many people do not think of serving wine with highly spiced ethnic foods such as Chinese, Indian, and Thai, but Gew├╝rztraminer is often the perfect pairing with such cuisines."

          2. Have had a lot of successful pairing Thai with Gewurztraminer from Alsace.

            1. Typically, I also do beer . . . HOWEVER, whenever I'm at Lotus of Siam, I **always** drink wine -- generally I do a German or Austrian Riesling, sometimes an Austrian Gruner Veltliner . . . .

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                I love that wine list. Agreed--when at Lotus of Siam, one must drink wine.

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                  Just back from LV and two trips to LoS, Our situation wasn't conducive to ordering a bottle of two from their stellar wine list but found that their BTG Chenin Blanc went quite well with the spicy and milder dishes that we ordered. Two great meals, just wish they weren't a six hour drive away. Wine list and menu both available as PDF files on their website:

                  [ETA] Agree totally with Austrian GVs, enjoy with Sichuan dishes as well.

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                    The best thing about having relatives who actually *live* in Las Vegas is it's relatively easy to invent an excuse to go to LoS . . .