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Feb 18, 2011 03:17 PM

need a good recipe using lemons that will mail well

I have two good things: a fridge full of meyer lemons, and a wonderful man that lives in another city. He LOVES anything lemon. I want to make some treats to send him, but the things I make most often (cupcakes and lemon bars) might not go through the mail too well. Anyone have any suggestions on something I could make and send. Please--my man needs his lemons. Candy, cake, anything.

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  1. limoncello!!

    also there is a fabulous citrus yogurt cake recipe on if you bake it in small loaf pans it would probably travel well.

    1. These are famous
      messy to make but worth it. This isn't relevant, but a policeman in my home asking about a burglary next door once told me how good they were.

      Or a jar of lemon curd, or lemon marmalade?

      1. Lemon pound cake.

        Candied lemons.

        1. Only sweet stuff? If savory is good, too, --salt preserved lemons. Nice addition to so many dishes besides Moroccan, -- soups, stews, salad dressings, in mayo for sandwiches. Here's a recipe for it that uses Meyer lemons: <>.

          1. Just this week I have cooked with Meyer Lemons for the first time ever, and I am hooked. First off, I made a Lemon Tea Cake which stores very well. The lemon-loving man in my life is in love with this cake. It is very good.

            The other item I have made this week is a Meyer Lemon Marmalade. Recommended to me by JoanN in the COTM thread. This marmalade is incredibly good, and so easy to make. LemonMan would love this too.