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Feb 18, 2011 03:09 PM

Winter farmers market ~ Milford NH

Tomorrow (2/19) there will be a winter farmers market from 9-12. There is a Facebook page about it and it will probably be on the Milford Do-It website. This will be happening once a month through May.

I like what this means for the Milford area, maybe some change for the better finally!

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  1. I saw that in either Feast or Encore.

    I think Milford is going to change a lot over the next decade. Lots of young professionals with good paying jobs moving there.

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      Well, that's a relief! Honestly, it has much potential...nice downtown area, businesses and restaurants, farms, it would be nice to see it become a destination town instead of a place that people never leave or just pass through.

    2. A farmers market is going to make Milford a 'destination town'?? Not alot fresh right now, so not sure what kind of farmers market this will be. Nashua was kind of lame, even in the summer, couple of fresh vegetable bins and someone selling flea market quality items next to some hippie strumming a guitar..yay

      I regress..I think it will take more than this..I think it's just cheap right now, so you see startups like Rustic Leaf and Good Loaf, but very little else but old houses turned into slumlord havens (ala Wilton)

      Big mistake not forming some sort of historical society to save some of these beautiful homes.

      /end rant

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        The one they did at Christmas time was a pretty good size. There were local farmers with produce and meat, others with baked goods, some seafood and some artists/crafters. It's one of the few winter markets around, and if people come to the market and see what's available in Milford, they'll come back. It's not this market to make Milford a destination town, but the things that are possible around the Oval. The few shops that are there, are quite nice. the Stocked Fridge just went in downtown too. Don't be surprised if you see one of the older spots going out and the Good Loaf expansion going in there soon. A bagel place is going in where the Biker Chick store was. There are also a couple of places with new ownership bringing some changes to what is usually found on/around the oval.

        Imagine...if one or two more spots up the ante for what is expected for food in Milford, the old school places are going to have to change along with them to survive. I really feel like Milford's got the bones to be a good little town, now they just need the people to realize it and support it.

      2. I know lots of people that have moved to Milford over the last few years and all have a household income of at least $150,000. I really think you are going to see are going to see a turn-around.